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Review: Blaq Masq Featuring Lone Ninja – Fatal Peril (Album)

If you like Underground hip hop at its finest then you just need to be clicking right here.

Artists: Blaq Masq and Lone Ninja

Release: Fatal Peril (album)

Release date: Out now


In a time where ‘real hip hop’ is something for the purest rap fan, rather than your average listener, it’s still refreshing to know that the underground hip hop scene continues to be vibrant, catering for the worldwide fan base of genuine boom bap rap. These days it seems anybody can gain access to a studio set up, however, could you flip a sample and turn nothing into gold? Could you lay down a sound statement that will mean something deep to the listener?

In recent years some serious new talent has emerged through the wonders of the internet, bringing many a great artist through the ranks and into the lime light of hip hop. In this case such successful internet networking has brought together Brooklyn based rapper ‘Lone Ninja‘ (from the group Twin Perils with June Marx) and Cornwall based underground producer, creator and lab wizard ‘Blaq Masq‘. This partnership has resulted in the release of their first collaborative signed album, ‘Fatal Peril‘, on Twin Perils own label ‘Holographic Pagoda Records‘. Here HTF give the lowdown on ‘Fatal Peril’ and the artists involved to see what the hype is all about.

The Intro sees Blaq Masq setting the tone of the album’s agenda for this musical excursion, with his insightful attitude and articulate production.There is no doubt that ‘Fatal Peril’ is quickly realised as a new school, heavyweight true rap album. The LP uses a unique blend of stripped down funk breaks, horror, fantasy, kung fu and other B movie rarities. ‘Fatal Peril’ also deals with current political and social attitudes, including the impacts of governmental greed on society, alongside some of the rawest ‘in the moment’ vocal delivery we have heard in a long time. The vivid presence that Lone Ninja conveys in his rapping engages the listener throughout the album.

Lone Ninja’s vocal tone and rap style may seem to the less experienced rap fan to be lacking emotional involvement. However, this is not the case. Think about the first time you heard a Bumpy Knuckles and Premo banger,consider the first time you heard Vinnie Paz spitting over a raw beat with Jedi Mind Tricks. These experiences exemplify the same level of energy as the attuned style and vocal approach of Lone Ninja. This album is an insight into the mind of Lone Ninja, accompanied by some big collaborators such as Lord Gamma, June Marx, Godilla and U.G. At the end of your first listen your mind would have been put through its paces, as this album offers a trip through mind bending mysteries of seige, trial, torture, battle and mystical ecstasy. Lone Ninja’s approach and vibe on the mic is Rap on the battlefield, using martial arts as an inspiration to create his own message. Arguably, he raises the bar over most modern day and even some rappers of classic origin, by incorporating vivid poetic imagery that transcends the listener into a warped experience of knowledge and spiritual force, which is delivered over sick instrumentals, courtesy of Blaq Masq.

Although new to the scene, Blaq Masq has been a strong contender in the underground hip hop scene, pushing his beats via youtube since 2006. Blaq Masq has helped artists such as Jnyce, Twin Perils, Basement Dwellaz and The Vultures to break into the scene. Here on Fatal Peril we get to see Blaq Masq executing some of his best work to date with his collaborator Lone Ninja. Whilst Hip Hop today has become accustomed to symphony, soul / funk and action thriller style bangers, Blaq Masq tastefully combines the use of samples from low budget vintage movies, and hip hop music production via his MPC2000XL. Blaq Masq commands the attention of some of the most well seasoned creative producers with his precise chops, sample choices and engineering techniques from his productions on this release.

‘Fatal Peril’ really is a game changer and if you are particularly into horror or fantasy movies, martial arts or B movies then this is the album for you. All in all it’s a sharp example of two talented artists on top of their game. This is not your average rap album, requiring the listener to think outside of the box, change their perspective and question their beliefs. Overall this album builds upon an oldschool recipe for newschool means.

Do you respect the unexpected???…

Reviewer: Analogue Wunda

HTF have spoken and we give this release a firm 8/10. You can buy ‘Fatal Peril’
by following this link:
Alternatively check out Blaq Masq’s Youtube page for more information and
Analogue Wunda Youtube page:

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