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Review: Black Sabbath – The Greatest Hits (Album)

Black Sabbath have reined in their maniacal genius long enough to compile a new Greatest Hits collection, check out our thoughts inside…

Band: Black Sabbath
Release: The Best Of Black Sabbath
Release Date: Out Now

What is there to say about the Greatest Hits compilation of a band that birthed heavy metal as we know it today? Released to make the most of the band’s temporary reunion, it collects some of the greatest examples of the mighty Sabbath’s rock legacy from both Ozzy and Dio periods and ties them together on a single disc. It’s packed with some musical essentials like ‘Iron Man’, ‘Paranoid’‘War Pigs’ and of course, the timeless ‘Black Sabbath’. 

On the offchance that you haven’t paid them much attention or you’re looking for a place to start, this is it. Though it isn’t quite complete, missing some important parts of the back catalogue like ‘The Mob Rules’ and ‘Wheels of Confusion’, it’s the easiest way to find out what Birmingham’s biggest contribution to the music world is all about.

If you’re just joining the crazy train after catching some of Ozzy’s solo stuff , or delving into the older releases after hearing later albums, be aware that this is a much harder side of the band. It’s riff heavy and raw, a collection of their older works when the band was in their prime. And if you’re left needing a reminder of their golden age after their Download Festival performance, this collection might be just the salve for disappointment – related injuries. If you already own a few of the older Black Sabbath albums this collection won’t have anything you need, but if this is your first look at classic Sabbath, then look no further.


Reviewer: Laurie Braddow

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