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Review: Bison B.C. – Lovelessness (Album)

We checked out the new Bison B.C. record ‘Lovelessness’. See what we thought inside!

Band: Bison B.C.
Release: Lovelessness (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

Canadian metal lords Bison B.C. introduce to their latest horn-raising offering ‘Lovelessness’ in the form of only six tracks, six relatively long tracks, one of which topping the ten minute mark. Is it so wrong to be filled with subtle dread when seeing a record with tracks lasting nine or ten minutes? With a relatively open mind in relation to the aforementioned concern, we begin.

‘An Old Friend’ rings with harmonising, almost dualing guitars that are reminiscent of extremely cheesy old-school metal bands before the track takes a pretty early turn into minor chords that groove whilst the vocals ring out in an almost Mastodon/Red Fang kind of manner. Interested, almost pleasantly surprised, the record travels into ‘Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness‘, an almost hardcore punk riff leaves the listener startled and frowning in the best way possible, the vocals and the track has drive, direction and aggression, the kind of piece of music you’d probably hear on some sort of Jason Statham action movie during a getaway or fight scene. The track, at nine minutes and three seconds long, could easily end at around the three minutes and forty seconds mark that would make it an awesome, almost punk track but as the track continues into the six and seven minute region, ‘Anxiety Puke/Lovelessness‘ proves itself to be a doomy, gloomy yet relatively tuneful metal track.

‘Last And First Things’ is riddled with jungle-drums, apocalyptic, depressing and numbing guitars that lead perfectly into a barrage of all things horned, red and black and evil, this track will have the goth kids crying, the metal kids windmilling and the guitar nerds well, doing what guitar nerds do when they hear solos. Well-constructed and performed, for an eight minute track, this isn’t bad.

The steadiness and building tension of ‘Blood Music‘ is enough for any prog/doom metal fan to make inane smiles and gurn at anybody around them at the time, Bison B.C. are definitely delivering the riff on this one, traditionally heavy metal, ballsy, balls-out, all around top balls as the Bison B.C. train heads into the savage, ripping, again almost hardcore punk track ‘Clozapine Dream’. The variation that Bison B.C. show is admirable and impressive, they keep a record with only six tracks very interesting and fresh with complete and utter incongruity.

Closing on the slow, doom-ridden banger ‘Finally Asleep’, any listener would be left satisfied and surprised by this record. When presented with a metal record riddled with long songs, one would expect proggy weirdness and long, drawn-out boring sections of guitar wankery and percussive tedium, but fortunately, Bison B.C. are a band that incorporate a seemingly infinite array of influences and create a damn great heavy metal record!


Reviewer: Luke Davis

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