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Review: Birdy Nam Nam – Jaded Future EP

Birdy Nam Nam have just been signed to Owsla and have just dropped their new EP Jaded Future. Let’s see if the future is bright and orange, or Jade… (oh dear!)

Artist: Birdy Nam Nam
Release: Jaded Future (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

If you’ve had a keen eye on Hit The Floor over the past few days you’ll know that Birdy Nam Nam are a DJ crew from France whose members are Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need, and Little Mike. Even though they have been around since 2005 they have just been signed to Owsla and have just dropped their new EP Jaded Future. Let’s see if the future is bright and orange, or Jade… (oh dear!)

This EP is split in to 3 parts, each part having a track then it’s remixes. First track being the title Jaded Future with remixes by Foreign Beggars and Pelican Fly. The original track feels different to anything else not just on Owsla but in the music industry as a whole, but by the time the Foreign Beggars remix hits it’s turns into just a starting track. Both tracks flow so well together, and then the Pelican Fly remix seems to be a 5 minute fade out, which again adds to it all, if you take the 3 tracks as one, it’s up there with my tracks of the year.

Goin’ In takes up a major chunk of the EP with 3 remixes 2 of which are by our main dawg Skrillex. The original Goin’ In track seems to lack a attention grabbing punch which does make it the weakest track on the EP however with the remixes and the vocal hook it keeps it’s head above water. The Skrillex remixes, first (Goin’ Hard Remix) takes a drum n bass angle which is one of his best remixes to date and should become a corner stone of future live sets. Goin’ Down Remix, takes the track down in BPM towards a Cinema type feel and is my personal highlight. While French Fries remix takes the track even slower and feels like an old school chill out track which complements Skrillex’s work perfectly.

Last chapter of this EP is Cadillac Dreams. The original track continues the chill out feel, and if only the UK was actually having a summer, this would become one hell of a driving song. Culprate Remix turns the whole track on it’s head, as day seems to turn to night, the dubstep pounds you in between the eyes and hits the gas, now a speeding anthem. The closing of the EP is Soufien Remix which is the love child of the previous two tracks and will leave you craving more. And with no UK dates in sight for Birdy Nam Nam at this time, that craving could turn nasty.

Overall a huge EP and a welcome to the Owsla family.


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