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Review: Axewound – Vultures (Album)

Superground Axewound have released their debut album ‘Vultures’. Click here to read what HTF thought of it!

Band: Axewound
Release: Vultures
Release Date: Out Now

When Axewound first came onto the scene they were a band where its members could just let off steam and play around outside of their original bands. Now after the release of their debut album ‘Vultures’ its clear to see that they aren’t just having fun or playing around: they mean business.

Axewound are a super group as furious as their name bares. The band consists of Cancer Bats front man Liam Cormier, Bullet For My Valentine singer/ songwriter Matt Tuck alongside drummer Jason Bowld of Pitchshifter, Ex- Rise to Remain bassist Joe Coput and Glamour of the Kill guitarist Mike Kingswood. The album could have gone one of two ways. It could have been an imitation of the bands whose members fill it or it could be a mixture of the bands pulling on every positive note creating something exciting and unique. Fortunately this album falls in the latter category.

‘Vultures’ consists of 10 razor sharp riff filled, head banging hits. Liam’s raw, gruff rip-roaring vocals bring such an edge to the tracks that he surely is the voice of the metal genre. The album was recorded within two weeks with none of the tracks written or recorded beforehand. A complete feat when you imagine that most bands slave away furiously for months trying to create the perfect song never mind perfect album. The result for Axewound is an album filled with tracks darker and edgier than anyone could have imagined.

Every riff is chaotic and heavy and Jason’s drumming is slightly hyperactive at times: positive traits for any metal album. Opening and title track – ‘Vultures’ begins the album with a banging instrumental filled with fast paced heavy riffs for over forty five seconds before Liam’s voice crashes down like a pile of bricks straight to your face. The track features guest vocals from Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates – another famous name to throw into the hat. The fast paced riffs that finish off the track are like every great Bullet For My Valentine riff mixed together and sprinkled with even more amazingness.

‘Post Apocalyptic Party’ is everything it’s title suggests, drenched in shredding riffs and such a harsh intensity Liam’s voice fits so perfectly in the mixture. First single ‘Cold’ pushes out a torrent of infectious riffs whilst ‘Church of Nothing’ storms through with furious fretwork and vicious vocaling culminating in Liam growling “we’re all dead in the eyes of the lord”. ‘Vultures’ doesn’t really give you much time to breathe but if you’re looking for a gut-busting, head-banging album to punch your fists to then this is for you.

They may not be a band people will talk of in ten years time but they are a fantastic metal band who make a welcome addition to a hotly filled genre.


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury

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