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Review: Ashestoangels – With Tape And Needles (Album)

Find out what we thought of the William-Control produced album from Ashestoangels, here!

Band: Ashestoangels
Release: With Tape And Needles (Album)
Release Date: out now!

With an introduction in the style of AFI and production handled by Aiden‘s own frontman and electro soloist William Control, Bristol’s Ashestoangels certainly know the sound they’re aiming for. For the most part, they hit their target with fair aim, with the album’s first full track ‘Dolls Dolls Dolls‘ bringing in the chanting and a fast pace that seals in the band’s punk credentials.

The band’s latest single, ‘Dorian‘ stays close to the early AFI territory, with a strong vocal line and energetic chorus. ‘Lumi‘ could use a little more high-end production, with a slight fuzziness distracting from what could be a touching track made complete by the quirky electronic beats which lead seamlessly into the strongest track of the record, ‘Wintervention‘. Both lyrically and melodically, the song takes its time building into a fully-charged plea to the listener, taking a positive approach to the subject.

There’s an eerie piano piece that leads into ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait‘, which is surprising considering the track’s relentless beat. It might’ve been nice to have the melodic keys blended into more, as there’s moments of almost white noise in places, but that’s more than made up for by the well-placed synths towards the song’s climax.

Elsinore‘ continues to the blend the electronic keys with haunting backing vocals, switching to chanting before opening into a lung-swelling chorus that’s reminiscent of Linkin Park‘s better numbers. For all its parts, the song feels surprisingly whole, a testament to the band’s songwriting and William’s solid production values.

Sos‘ is a slow burner, sticking more to the simple piano lead melody. There’s a synthy outro to even up the score, just as the record moves into its final part, ‘Ghost Frequency‘. Finishing on a high note, the song is a return to the high octane beats of the earlier tracks.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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