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Review: American Fangs – Pomona (EP)

See what we have to say about American Fangs’ first UK release

AFpomona Band: American Fangs
Release: Pomona EP
Release Date: Out Now

American Fangs are a five piece from Houston, Texas who, after being a band for 5 years, have finally released their UK debut, Pomona EP.

The EP opens with the title track and a very Foo Fighter-esque introduction. While the guitars follow this trend throughout the song, the vocals seem to take on more of a Heaven’s Basement spin, particularly in the ‘woah-oh-oh’ at the beginning of the chorus. The track is a very powerful and promising introduction to the five song EP.

The second track ‘Duke’ opens with a line of acapella vocals setting a softer tone than that of ‘Pomona’, but it’s still as metal and epic as the previous track. As the song gets going you can hear elements of modern Papa Roach, and it’s easy to see why Jacoby Shaddix personally chose American Fangs to tour with them.

The third track follows in a very similar vein, with gritty guitars, and rough rock vocals. Following this, however, is an acoustic track, just to prove that they aren’t all about the heavy sound and to let us know that they are most definitely talented musicians.

The final song is an original demo of the song ‘Le Kick’. If it didn’t say so on the track listing though, you’d never know. It’s just as great as the first three songs, with the same sounds and talent. Perhaps it’s sometimes too similar but it captures such an awesome punk yet metal sound and, with the EP broken up with an acoustic track, it’s still a good listen.


Reviewer: Jenna Young

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