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Review: Adept – Silence The World (Album)

Check out what we thought of the Swedish hardcore outfit’s Adept’s third studio album.

Band: Adept
Release: Silence The World
Release Date: Out now!

It could be something in the water, a history of awesome Vikings or just an aggressive dislike for flat packed furniture, but Sweden seems to be a pretty inspirational place for hardcore metal bands.  In Flames, Meshuggah and At The Gates, don’t even begin to scratch the surface of its phenomenally rich history and since forming in 2004, Adept have continued that tradition.  But it is with their third outing, that they intend to make their break for the mainstream.

For the most part, they stand a good chance.  ‘Silence The World‘ is by far their best release to date.  Combining melodic choruses, soaring riffs and all-out brutal metalcore, Adept have found a sound that blends their contrasting passions, but doesn’t confuse.

Opening track ‘Forever And A day‘ is a good indicator of how far they’ve come. Blasting out drums and guitars and opening a chorus of crowd inciting “Woahs” that should serve them well on tour.

Established 2004‘ and new single ‘Secrets‘ is more of the same, seamlessly dipping into so many sub-genres of metal, it’s like listening to some sort of musical tapas.

If that wasn’t smart enough, they even take the time to provide an interlude to the madness with ‘Orion‘, a haunting two minute instrumental more akin to something Sigur Ros might release, before re-opening the floodgates for the second half.

Individually, Adept have come a long way, all the band have their own individual moments, Robert Ljung’s vocals and raw power are particularly impressive, standing out strongly on ‘Hearts vs Beats‘, and the final stand-out track ‘Aftermath‘.

Adept’s third album is a real triumph, a surprising mix of styles sure to gain them a lot more fans on their forthcoming UK and European tour.  With this release, the Swedes are gunning for the big time.  It is perhaps ironic that the release of ‘Silence The World’ will probably get the world talking.


Reviewer: Chris van Praag

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