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Review: Acoda – Acoda (EP)

HTF review Acoda’s self titled EP. See what we thought of it here.

Artist: Acoda
Release: Self Titled EP
Release Date: Out Now

2011 saw Acoda as one of eight winners in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam. Since then the band have been busy recording this beautifully crafted record for their fan base.

The self-titled album has the perfect mix of raw, hard-hitting screamo vocals and the most elegant and crisp singing and harmonies. Musically clean and professionally recorded, every track presents the listener with the perfect balance of screaming and singing.

It’s hard for most bands of this genre to break the mould and be a bit different but Acoda have done just that with this EP. The guitar work on each track is tireless and crisp. You can pick out each note and hear each crunching riff as the song’s composure changes. There seems to always be a lot going on musically at one time with Acoda and it all fits perfectly like the last piece of a metal-infused puzzle.

We look forward to hearing a full-length album in the near future.


Reviewer: Leigh Brooks

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