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Review: A Silent Escape – A Silent Escape (Album)

We got to check out A Silent Escape’s self titled debut. Read our thoughts inside!

Band: A Silent Escape
Release: A Silent Escape
Release Date: 04/06/12

Swedish metallers A Silent Escape have released this truly impassioned debut after eleven years of difficulty and extensive, explosive touring, but is the raw emotion they put into ‘A Silent Escape’ enough to elevate them to the standards of fellow bands Dead by April and Sonic Syndicate?

The answer is yes. Simply put, this self-titled debut pushes all the right buttons and captures a fragment of their live energy straight from the start with ‘Blackhole Gravity’. The band don’t innovate and rest very comfortably within their niche but they do it well – this is a band who know who they are and they’re confident in the music they want to make. With tracks like ‘Losing Grip’ and ‘God’s a Liar’ they boldly show off a range of influences, all stemming from a metal lifestyle they pride themselves on.

The songs are all guaranteed live hits and each one sounds designed for the stage, especially ‘Bullets’ and ‘From Words to Beating’, both of which showcase some anthemic lyrics and powerful riffs. Touring is the band’s strength and it seems that has been poured in gargantuan quantities, alongside a cocktail of emotion and crackling passion.

This is an energetic album for new and old fans of the genre, bringing a revitalising charge of energy to the scene, a reminder that it’s still alive and kicking – which is a theme that runs through most of the album. Catchy clean vocals and roaring snarls make for a record that will appeal to everyone, finding a middle ground between heavy and ‘softer’ metal with groundbreaking expertise, evident in ‘Ticket Back’ and ‘Can’t Be The End’. The album keeps up nonstop momentum right until the closing solemn piano chimes of ‘Goodbye Mr Pig’ and never becomes repetitive or excessively maudlin. If the genre is your thing, then buy it without hesitation, but this record’s only flaw is that it might not be quite heavy enough for some.


Reviewer: Laurence Braddow


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