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Rescuer – Anxiety Answering | Album Review

Florida hardcore outfit Rescuer are set to release their second album, which we had the chance to give our opinion on. Check it out here!

Credit: Album Art

Anxiety Answering is the second album from Rescuer, a hardcore outfit from Tampa, Florida, and is definitely safe from the clutches of being a sophomore slump. Every track is unique, telling intricate stories with biting melodies that will entrance listeners into requiring more than a few clicks on the repeat button.

The record begins with the likes of ‘White Noise‘ and ‘Muscle Memory‘, which flow in to one another beautifully, showing from the very beginning that Rescuer are a group of musicians with far from a lack of talent. The professional way in which the album has been put together and produced really proves that the band are a forced to be reckoned with.

Leavetaking‘ has a bass line introduction that rattles right through you, before the heavy vocals begin and steal the spotlight, if not with the style then with how truly compelling the lyrics are. ‘Matrimony‘, a song with a much softer beginning actually follows the same way when it comes to lyrical brilliance; there’s no doubt that Rescuer are going to catch the ears of many a hardcore rock fan in order to add to their growing fan base.

The incredible listening experience comes to an end with the eponymous track ‘Anxiety Answering‘; confusing its listeners with its rather strange high school drum line opening before things settle back in to what is expected of Rescuer – good old, honest to God hardcore. Its ending takes up quite a big section of the song, with a very dramatic and eerily quiet instrumental that slowly fades in to silence, putting a hypothetical full stop on to the end of the album which could be considered an eloquent sentence.

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