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Red Seas Fire – Resolution | EP Review

We reviewed West Coast metallers Red Seas Fire’s new EP Resolution! Check it out here; prepare your eardrums!

Red Seas Fire

Source: Album Artwork

West Country progressive metallers Red Seas Fire are back again with the third EP Resolution in their collection, and we only really have one word to say about it; riffs. Lots of them. Beautiful, bountiful, kick-ass riffs.

The latest EP drops as the final part of their Tryptich, Red Seas Fire’s three-EP collection that started in 2013 with EP Exposition. Since then, the band have gone through numerous line-up changes. The second part of their collection Confrontation, which was released in the April of 2014, documented the uneasy air within the band. As lead vocalist Robin Adams states, ‘Confrontation was the heavy, unhappy moment where discord and malcontent set in.’ However, Adams goes on to promise that Resolution is both ‘heavier’ and ‘the perfect end to our little story‘. Sounds promising. And awfully cute from a heavy metal band.

EP opener ‘Hourglass’ catches the attention of the listener with effective and explosive vocals which transform into a searing chorus, forcing the listener to get up, get moving, and get moshing. Second track Blood Bank’ launches with some brutal guitar riffs, and battles between both the soft and aggressive sides of Red Seas Fire.

‘The Mistakes We Make’ is a prime example of how well breakdowns can work in a song. We see, once again, both sides of Red Seas Fire, which is used effectively through the use of Adam’s vocals; screaming and clean vocals intermix to convey the emotion in the band perfectly, and really help to dictate the pace of the song. The song uses guitar riffs well to bring some slamming metal to the table, as well as a more soft-rock edge at times. Very reminiscent of some of Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows stuff at times.

EP closer ‘Ocean Death’ is one of the best tracks on here, in our opinion. The track slowly builds up with both strings and brass sections, nicely lulling the listener into a false sense of security; before Red Seas Fire brutally brings back the pit into the tune. Key highlight of this track; the contradictory nature of the track’s clean and searing vocals against the backdrop of some insane guitar-work. A beautiful example to finish on.

On the whole, a beautiful EP and example of Red Seas Fire’s work. We can’t wait to see more of these guys; we’ve got a feeling the pits will be exceptionally brutal. Rock on fellas, rock on.

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