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Prosperina – Harness-Minuss | Album Review

Prosperina release their second album Harness-Minuss. Read here to check out what we thought of the bands latest material!

Source: Album Cover

South Wales Rock band Prosperina have released their second album Harness-Minuss through Maybe Records, and want to set their sound with a punch.

With a slight darker edge, the album features some intense riffs and soft metal percussion. Harness-Minuss attempts to eradicate the powers that can manipulate us. With a unique sound Prosperina are establishing what their band means, and what it is they want to say.

The record will suit those that appreciate classic metal solo’s, to bang your head to throughout. However there isn’t necessarily a track that stands out immediately. Through time and plenty of listening, ‘Proles’ however takes you in with it’s wonderfully heavy riffs, which works well to support the albums aim. A warning song, supported with effective backing vocals and serious guitar skills, the song implodes to please. There is an intense instrumental break that truly speaks higher volumes than the lyrics, but clearly signifies the talent the playing of instruments that Prosperina holds.

Followed on nicely by ‘Codes’ which enables the listener to enjoy the story told by the encompassing music. Harness-Minus is a record to sit and listen to when contemplating and searching. The peace that soon comes from the intricate playing, allows for an easy listening, ironically.

The length of the album truly takes some desired time and dedication, but we believe it to be an album that could really take some rock lovers on a journey: it just isn’t quite our cup of tea. ‘Bridges’ is chock-filled with rhythm and rock drum beats that you can easily admire. This is a track that would especially be incredible to see live, one that would fill an arena with immense energy.

A further highlight is the interestingly sounding ‘Here Lie The Ruins’ which lightly presses on the ear drums in a soft, sensual way. Which also beautifully incorporates the use of violin, which can always be applauded in a metal album. Which really supports our next statement, one we may hear quite often; this record is unique.

You cannot listen to this record without acknowledging the different melodic, and hypnotic sound that streams throughout. Prosperina are not alike to many bands in the Rock industry, and to have an extensive album already, which aims to explore routes of life, well, that’s not light-footed music making.

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