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Press To Meco – Good Intent | Album Review

Alternative rock trio Press To Meco are set to release their debut album Good Intent next month. Here’s what we thought!

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

Since their inception in 2010, alternative rock trio Press To Meco have tried to step as far out of the box as humanly possible – and so far, they’ve succeeded.

Carrying on from where their Affinity EP left off – debut album Good Intent packs in as many tempos, tones and textures that you could possibly imagine. The 11-track creative melting pot aims to take the listener on a genre journey that will both surprise and inspire you. From the get go, its a rip-roaring treat.

The album dramatically kicks off with a revived recording of previously released ‘Family Ties’ – its a noise-belting groove master that’s added heavier notions than it had before (and we love it). But, its newbie ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ that really piles on the Press To Meco magic. With a guitar frenzy introduction, followed by their extraordinary and exquisite three-piece harmonies, its Press To Meco down to a “T”.

As Good Intent progresses, we are kindly greeted by old and adored favourites such as ‘Honestly’ and ‘Affinity’ – awesome, yes, but we want more, and we get it. ‘Manipulate’ is a fresh juxtaposition of clean vocals and chunky instrumentals that is an undeniable highlight. Not only is it inventive, but it gives an insight into just how well this album has been produced.

The variety gets even better when ‘Autopsy’ hits your ears – genius lyrics, genius vocals and genius musicality (have we said genius enough times yet?). You get the idea.

All in all, Good Intent is a spark of insanity and an original masterpiece. If this trio carry on as they are, their step out of the box will be up into the sky of superstardom status.

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