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Places To Hide – Wild N Soft | EP Review

Wild N Soft is a quick EP from newcomers Places To Hide. Find out if it’s worth a listen here.

Source: EP Cover

Wild N Soft is the new EP from Atlanta’s Places To Hide and bridging the gap before their full length drops in 2015. They’re a new band – barely two years old – and have tightened up the songwriting displayed on 2013’s Almost Nothing, with two of the four tracks coming in at under two minutes in length. The final track, at four minutes long, feels like an epic – almost as long as the other three combined.

The opener serves as little more than an introduction; not starting properly until a minute and a half in. When it kicks off, though, it’s a great burst of 90s-emo-inspired pop punk. The guitars are thin and loose, the bass is fuzzy, and the vocals sit low in the mix. The rest of the EP seems to have a strong Pixies feel, with alternating male and female vocals and simple lead guitar lines that sound straight from the guitar of Joey Santiago.

There’s nothing particularly new or original on Wild N Soft. There are a lot of more interesting bands doing the same sort of thing, but it’s hard to hold that against a band as young as Places To Hide, who are still finding their feet. The final two tracks are the best on offer, Cough Syrup nails the concise punk feel the best, while Nowhere Bound wears their Pixies influence on it’s sleeve. It would be interesting to see how the song would have fared if it had been cut down to a length matching the rest of the EP, though. After rattling through the first three tracks in about five minutes, the four minute closer is the first time that things start to drag a little. Most of their contemporaries have already learned the lesson that less is usually more for this kind of thing.

You can listen through Wild N Soft in about ten minutes, and at that length anything is worth checking out. The band keep progressing, and have a chance to prove themselves fully on next year’s full length, but until then, this is a pretty good taster. When everyone’s talking about them in the future, you might be glad you already had them on your radar.

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