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Pierce The Veil And Sleeping With Sirens World Tour Touches Down In London – Kentish Town Forum – 10/04/15 | Live Review

Tonight see’s Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens co-headline World Tour hit London for the first of two dates. Here’s what we thought of the night.

sleeping with sirens

Source: Gemma Bell

Tonight the Kentish Town Forum plays host to the first of two nights of probably one of the world’s most anticipated co-headline tours. Guaranteed to result in thousands of teenage girls screaming in delight from doors open, to doors closed, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens and Issues (much to our delight) prepare to hit the stage.

With the queue stretching all the way around the venue before the doors even open, it’s no wonder that this show sold out in just a few minutes. The shows also seem to be cleverly timed with the Easter Holidays allowing youngsters the chance to get right to the front without even having to miss school.


Source: Gemma Bell

Opening tonight event are Issues who bring a combination of clean, sweet R’n’B style vocals courtesy of Tyler Carter and strong metal growls thanks to Michael Bohn. The pair know exactly how to control a highly excited crowd and put on a show well worthy of a headline slot; and we’re hoping that isn’t far away. They rattle through a six song strong set featuring tracks from their self-titled album, which came out last year, including opener ‘Life of a Nine’ where piercing screams captivate the crowd and the sweet melodic vocals of ‘Mad a Myself’. Hopefully next time we see these guys it’s a headline show with a full length set.

pierce the veil

Source: Gemma Bell

With the headliners alternating their stage order on a nightly basis, Pierce the Veil have the pleasure of coming out first tonight and from the screams you’d have thought One Direction were playing; the crowd certainly know how to make some noise. Pierce the Veil, on the other hand, know how to make a dramatic entrance as a curtain shows only shadows before the opening riffs of ‘May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight’ kick in and the curtain drops, confetti bursts from cannons and the crowd goes insane.

They are certainly the slightly heavier of tonight’s headline bands with the floor erupting into a sea of mosh pits – seemingly all of the men from the venue are in one area – from ‘Bulls in the Bronx’ to ‘A Match Into Water’ tonight is seemingly effortless. Frontman Vic’s vocals have suffered from some live performance issues in the past, but tonight the power hits 10 and his vocals last out the duration of their set.

pierce the veil

Source: Gemma Bell

Anticipation then grows as the crowd know the likelihood of Kellin popping out for ‘King for a Day’ is high. Naturally the best is saved for last as Vic and Kellin bound through the song like puppies on acid. A fitting end for a fitting set.

As the time hits just before 10, Sleeping with Sirens begin their hour-long set and the night gets it’s fix of serious, emotional, all singing and all dancing tracks. Every band have their moments, a time which defines them, and tonight may well be that moment for Sleeping with Sirens. Their set opens with latest single ‘Kick Me’ and the audience take no time in screaming back the words as if it’s an old classic. Following this, they enter into ‘Congratulations’ with a beat that ensures that no member of the audience, or even the parents dragged along with their young children, can stand still.

sleeping with sirens

Source: Gemma Bell

Their significance to the captivated crowd is unnatural and hits an all time high when Kellin goes straight into a cover of Goo Goo Doll’s brilliant ‘Iris’ creating an instant fan favourite. It’s a track that should usually remain untouched but Kellin’s vocals hit every note perfectly and beautifully.

Grins blazon the faces of the crowd and the air of excitement lingers as the crowd exits the venue. Tonight has been something special and we’re sad that it’s now over.

Review by: Rhian Westbury
Photos by: Gemma Bell

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