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Pavilions – The Future’s Mine To Make | Album Review

Liverpool post-hardcore five-piece Pavilions are to release their debut album The Future’s Mine To Make next month. Find out what we thought here!

Credit: Album Cover

Credit: Album Cover

In today’s saturated and overloaded rock music scene, it can be hard to find a body of work you’d contentedly listen to from beginning to end. In most cases it tends to lend to that track or two that stick with you, and you repeat over and over. The idea of the single takes over and the need for the album is lusted. Post-hardcore alternative rockers Pavilions are here to kick that very notion into action with their debut record The Future’s Mine To Make. They’ve been kicking around for a few years now and have consistently released material worthy of attention. Their debut is no exception. From post-hardcore wrath to notes of placid melody, this album packs it all in.

The album opens with a hit of enduring vocals from frontman Tezz Roberts in track ‘Tidal’. In an instance the track provides a likeness to Arcane Roots with its anthemic presence and delicate harmonies intertwined with a bursting craze of guitar tone as the track filters into ‘Doing A Jamie Lee’. This showcases the albums beginnings of Pavilions’ heavier side. The latter of the track erupts into post-hardcore binary and aggressive scream vocals; certainly a complete turn around from the band’s opening gift.

This starts a trend for the rest of the 10-track record. Pavilions highlight throughout that their skills set goes beyond simply busting out ferocious screams or throwing in the odd melody. They display beauty and craftsmanship in the album’s entirety. ‘A Stitch In Time’ carries a groovy undertone which provides a unique energy that almost gives the album a pop-rock edge. Time changes and affirmative vocals create a track with no lacklustre of positivity. You wouldn’t think that this track and ‘MDR’ were on the same album. In stark contrast, the track includes fast-paced guitar riffs and drops that rival the best.

What Pavilions have achieved (and seamlessly) is that of creating something musically unique, whilst not losing touch of what fans of this niche genre love. It is easy to become repetitive when exploring the realm of post-hardcore with its shifts from riffs to harmonies, but Pavilions have included stella vocals and an unprecedented  accomplished musicality. The Future’s Mine To Make seems to be a somewhat fitting title for this album. As the band close with ‘Fallen Hero’, there is the feeling of overwhelming success and the hopes of a bright path for this five-piece.

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