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Patent Pending – O2 Academy Islington – 21/10/2014 | Live Review

Patent Pending took to O2 Academy Islington the other day for an incredible rock show – check out what we thought here!

Source: George Powell Photography

Long Island, NY’s Patent Pending have been to the UK quite a few times in recent years, notably in support of pop punk legends Bowling For Soup who sadly announced last year they have no more plans to tour the UK in the future. That hasn’t stopped Patent Pending though, who on average return to the UK every couple of months to play for their dedicated fanbase. On what was the second to last date of their most recent UK tour, the band took to O2 Academy Islington with some special guests to put on a show that was nothing short of magical.

Source: George Powell Photography

First up on the bill were UK natives, Essex’s The Hype Theory who did a great job of energising the crowd in preparation for the later bands. Their excellent use of interaction with the crowd worked out in their favour, as by the end of their set many of the crowd were being led to sing along by vocalist Katy Jackson. The quintet’s six song setlist didn’t entirely fit in with the pop-punk/ska punk vibe that the other bands playing that night put out, but that didn’t stop them from winning over London that evening and finishing on what was a rather successful note with the anthemic ‘Heartsick‘.

Source: George Powell Photography

Next up was a short set from Mario And The Brickbreakers, Patent Pending’s Super Mario-themed alter-ego band, bringing a note of comedy to the night and giving fans a taste of something that you don’t expect to at a rock show. The five members of Patent Pending took to the stage dressed as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong and Yoshi, winning the crowd over in laughs alone while they performed a couple of songs from the EP they released under the moniker.

Source: George Powell Photography

Ska-punks Suburban Legends hail from California, and brought all the sunshine you would expect from a band like that to London on a rainy Wednesday night. Among a handful of original songs, the band also performed a number of covers that had the crowd singing louder than vocalist Vincent Walker at times. Queen‘s ‘We Are The Champions‘, Randy Newman‘s ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me‘ and Neil Diamond‘s ‘Sweet Caroline‘ all went down a treat, inciting singalongs from both the eager fans down the front, and the usually-older fans who remained stationed by the bar.

Excitement filled the room all over again as Patent Pending, this time as themselves, headed out on to the stage and launched in to what would be a mega-set, packed with an incredible 21 songs. Older favourites such as ‘Psycho In Love‘ and ‘Anti-Everything‘ made an appearance, as well as tracks from the bands most recent album, Brighter. Patent Pending are also a fan of covers, and treated the audience to their renditions of Friends‘ theme song ‘I’ll Be There For You‘ by The Rembrandts, and Cascada‘s ‘Everytime We Touch‘.

Source: George Powell Photography

The band have an incredible stage presence, and their performance in London proved to be no different as they powered through their set, drenched in sweat just as much as the adamantly active crowd were. After a call for encore, Scottish fan Sacha Mitchell took to the stage to perform the eponymous track from Brighter on her harp – something that you don’t see a lot of people playing these days! The band soon joined her with words of encouragement, then performed the song in the way that fans are used to hearing it.

The final offering from the New Yorkers was ‘Hey Mario‘, which, despite its name, actually came from Brighter as well. The fast-paced track made the crowd roar to life one last time in support of the extraordinary band, who no doubt will be returning to these shores where they are loved so dearly sometime soon!

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