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Oppression By Incite Is Everything Metal Should Be | Album Review

We got our hands on Oppression, the brand new album from Incite and think you need it too. Find out why inside.

Source: Official Artwork

Source: Official Artwork

Before we get to discussing this album, let’s just cut straight to the chase shall we? If you haven’t got a copy of Oppression, then you seriously need to. Don’t ask any questions, simply get online and get yourself a copy right this moment. It’s everything that metal should be. It’s dark, deep and downright evil in all the right ways. Brutal musicianship topped off with unrelentingly demonic vocal work and a huge dollop of brilliance is what you will find within these ten tracks, which are as unrelenting as it’s possible to be without warranting some kind of court case for audible assault.

As you might be able to tell, we rather like what we’ve heard here. If the previous one hundred words haven’t been enough for you to listen in, then here’s a little more detail of what we found so lovely.

Opening with ‘Never Surrender’, sinister soundscapes slowly build into a relentless fire of brutality, with guitars chugging alongside a cavalcade of drums being pounded in a manner akin to a particularly tenderised meat-loving chef with a particularly tough steak, underlaying for a vocalist whom can only be described as manic, bordering on the completely f**cking psychopathic. Just as the insanity builds to an almost murderous level, it’s over, with the opening soundtrack making a brief return before ‘Lost Reality’ slams into play. The two tracks work together in a seamless dual act extravaganza of darkness cut straight from the warmest depths of hell.

‘No Remorse’ keeps up the energy, adding a vibe that’s eerily reminiscent of older Slipknot records, powdered with a touch of Avenged Sevenfold style guitar work in its brief lick break ups. It’s a sound that is tough to balance, yet balance it does and with superb grace at that.

The Slipknot influence becomes a little more evident over the next couple of tracks, with the album’s title track having the most remarkable likeness. If the influence was intentional, it would have been so easy to slip into a plain rip off, yet the unique stylings of the band remain unscathed and all the better for it.

Tracks such as ‘Life’s Disease’ and ‘Worst of Me’ crank up the anger to warp factor, firing on all cylinders on the engine of menace and malice that blast the outfit through the gates into the final moments of the album. Hate soaked lyrics bubble away in a stew of unadulterated fury right up until the apocalyptic closure that is ‘Silenced’. The only small down-point comes in the form of the opening line of penultimate track, ‘I Want It All’, opening with a scream of “Heavy F**kin’ Metal’. It’s a clumsy and almost camp cliche on what is otherwise a very serious and powerful release which doesn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the offerings vibe. For the sake of one line though, who are we to judge. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again!

To repeat our opening, you NEED this album. If you do not heed our advice, then you only have yourself to blame.

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