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Oceans Ate Alaska – Lost Isles | Album Review

Almost overnight, Oceans Ate Alaska have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Check out what we thought of their debut album, Lost Isles, here!

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Almost overnight, Oceans Ate Alaska have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Inking a deal with Fearless Records has already given them the opportunity to make stronger waves in the scene, and they are now sharing stages with some of the genre’s bigger players before their debut record, Lost Isles, has even hit the shelves. It’s now time for them to add some substance to the growing reputation.

The instrumental opener, ‘Fourthirtytwo‘, sells what Oceans Ate Alaska are all about, even before a word is spoken. With more ideas crammed in to these 90 seconds than on an entire mainstream indie record, it’s impressive enough memorising it all, let alone composing it.

Their level of detail continues to impress well into ‘Blood Brothers‘. The arrangement is manic yet structured, sparing no more than 4 bars to chew through a riff and then spit it out. This amount of organised chaos has no right to work on record, but it does.

When Lost Isles does slow down, time is made for some huge choruses. Lead singles ‘Vultures and Sharks‘ and ‘Floorboards‘ both hit with unexpected cleans which, vocally, are not perfect, but are a pleasant respite from the sweeping, blastbeats, and dissonant chords that precede them.

Despite being relatively extreme, bipolar metalcore of this nature has been done a thousand times before, though, and some of Lost Isles is a little too “Count Your Blessings” for it’s own good – ‘High Horse‘ and ‘Linger‘ to name and shame a couple. It’s clear where influence is sourced but, to their credit, this Brummie outfit are actually better at this stage of their career than Bring Me The Horizon were in the mid-noughties.

All things considered, it’s easy to see why Fearless Records have gambled on them; Lost Isles is a very impressive debut. 2015 is theirs for the taking, and this record will set them up nicely.

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