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Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves | Album Review

Southend based Nothing But Thieves are about to unleash their highly anticipated self-titled debut album. You’re going to want to get in on this – its huge.

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

Sometimes, bands seem to appear out of thin air. You’re not sure how or why you know their name, but for some reason, you just do. Nothing But Thieves are one such band.

Since their inception in 2011, they’ve graced radio stations and scored attention from the rock world’s most notorious. In doing so, they’ve made their mark – from starting out as a Southend band who hid their sound in garage spaces, they’re now a quintet fast becoming one of the most immense alternative acts.

Their self-titled debut album is a glamorous, yet thunderous nod to the passion they feel for music. Combining soaring falsettos and a limitless range of accompaniments, Nothing But Thieves is a “no f**ks to give” stronghold.

Beginning with a quirky tang in the form of ‘Excuse Me’; its a track that oozes haunting moments, whilst embodying an experimental side that Royal Blood have mastered. Prepare yourself though, as the 12-tracks veer around as many hairpin bends you could possibly imagine. Electronica, dance, indie, soul…you get the idea.

From the dirty rock grandeur of ‘Itch’, to the spine-tingling ‘Lover, Please Stay’, Nothing But Thieves is a roller-coaster of emotions and tempos. In the end, its the vocals that shine through. Conor Mason’s chords can only be described as enchanting. Just listen to disco temptress ‘Hostage’ if you need any ounce of convincing.

If you’re a vanilla kind of person, this isn’t for you. This is for the neapolitans.

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