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No Sins Evades His Gaze – Age Of Sedation| Album Review

No Sins Evade His Gaze have released their new album Age Of Sedation. Read here to check out what we thought!

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No Sins Evades His Gaze are a brand spanking new five-piece metal act hailing from a culmination of London, Blackpool and Scotland.

Although the band have only played a few shows, they have worked alone and dedicated a lot of time to ensure they can release their new album Age of Sedation. Influences for the album span the full spectrum of the genre with Death Metal, Groove, Metalcore, Progressive and even some Djent stylings being prominent throughout.

Straight away with the spoken intro No Sins Evades His Gaze make crystal clear that the album is going to a demonstrative metal piece, that explores the new generation. Commenting on the slum of diminished living, they ironically incorporate a modern metal sound themselves. Djent and Tech-Metal combined to explode upon the listeners ear what we should really be paying attention to.

The title track supports this with chants of ‘why are the weak so easily lead?’. With an aggressive lyrical style and delivery, catches and hooks are scattered generously throughout the album with technical lead work and mechanically tight percussion wrapping everything together perfectly.

Denton’s vocals soar throughout, roaring the angst across all tracks. However the polished sound is perfected when there are also glimpses of Drummer Theo Harvey’s singing vocals, that are of a high sincere melodic quality. Supported fully throughout by insane guitar riffs and solos, with intricate drum rhythm’s punching each track through to a worthy metal success.

‘Filth’ really shows of the bands intertwined skills, with excessive fusion of techo and hardcore metal. Tracks such as this will be one that metal-heads will replay with joy. The headbanging hearing this live would be incredible. With this high quality and tightness amongst the band, they are without a doubt a band to watch out for. There is no concern that Age of Sedation will go unnoticed amongst the metal scene. The new metal band is here.

Other tracks such as ‘Debris’ and ‘The Guillotine Blade’,  highlight the albums intentions once more, asking fans to consider what is truly needed, and what we can do without.

The production of each track genuinely achieves a new high. Ending full circle with ‘Affinity’, the album hones in on the fact that we make our own choices, you are your own person to make it through as you see fit. The party of clashing cymbals, slamming strings and growls ensue a metal dream sequence that truly aims to achieve meaning, with an excellent hardcore sound. To be ‘part of the change’ with their new stamp on the heavy metal scene.

With the reaction to the band’s highly original, and all encompassing sound, No Sins Evades His Gaze debut year as a band is looking exceptionally exciting.

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