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Nightwish – Decades | Album Review

Nightwish celebrate their 20-year anniversary with their new compilation album – Decades

Source: Album Artwork

More than 20 years have passed since the symphonic metal band, Nightwish, burst out of Finland with their enchantingly captivating music.

Nightwish have just released Decades, their seventh compilation album; marking their twenty second year in the business. Decades takes us on a nostalgic and enthralling journey, beautifully combining traditional classical music with classic rock. To paraphrase Tuomos Holopainen, Nightwish’s multi talented band leader, Decades is not the best of Nightwish but the essential Nightwish. Tuomos put the track list together himself after listening to their entire archive spanning back to 1996.

The two-disc album features remastered tracks from their impressive library of 8 studio albums. Decades begins with a 24-minute long remaster of  The Greatest Show on Earth. Taken in the wrong vein, the track can come off as quite smug but if anyone has a right to blow their own trumpet, it’s Nightwish after their monumentally epic contribution to metal music. This remastered odyssey is arguably their magnum opus, the title certainly suggests so. The album is back to front, showcasing their most recent track first and working their way back in time through their impressive orchestra laden discography.

Nightwish released the album on March 9th, which is the same date as they started their Decades: World Tour.

Decades is the album every Nightwish fan didn’t realise they needed until hearing it; a beautifully crafted journey through time, leaving you feeling elated and elevated somewhere between Middle Earth and the Fjords.

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