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Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind | Album Review

What do we think of Mumford & Sons change of direction? Find out here!

Mumford & Sons are at the top of the UK album chart this week with their latest effort, Wilder Mind. This third studio album showcases the bands rockier side, dropping the “folk” label, but it shouldn’t come to any surprise that despite this change in sound and direction, the tracks engraved on this album are simply terrific.

Out with the banjos and in come the electric guitars readying the band for more of a stadium sound. The very first track on the album is ‘Tompkins Square Park‘ on which the bands change in sound is immediately apparent. The lyrics and moody electric strings fit so perfectly and portray real emotion, this is a track that can genuinely be applied to any romantic situation. Leading into the second track so seamlessly is ‘Believe‘ , the first single to be release from the album, which takes a more un-hurried approach with Mumford softly singing “I don’t even know if I believe, everything you’re trying to say to me,” slowly progressing with a crunchier sound.

The second single to be released, ‘The Wolf‘, is the one track that will hit you hard in the sweet spot and leave you wanting more. The punchier track provides a much more upbeat late start to the album, the ideal track to blast out of the speakers with the windows down this summer. ‘Snake Eyes‘ shows flawless subtlety, blending guitars and synths progressing similar to ‘Believe’, ending the track with a fuller sound. ‘Cold Arms‘ takes a different approach with a single electric guitar accompanying Mumford’s sorrow voice singing of a lover leaving. ‘Hot Gates‘ is a superb way to close the album, combining the ambiance and emotion of the slower tracks and will definitely leave you wishing there was more.

This is indeed a new direction for the band, but despite mixed reviews, this new sound shows growth; these tracks are all made ever-so flawlessly to suit bigger crowds. It is however, a shame they have stemmed away from the sound that put them on the map. ‘Believe‘ when first released was hit with mixed reviews and fans knew change was around the corner. Mumford & Sons have further blurred the lines between rock and folk but, if you are worried they’ll lose a few fans over this, they are definitely in store to gain a much larger audience thanks to this album.

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