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Motion City Soundtrack – Panic Stations | Album Review

Motion City Soundtrack are back with more keyboard infused pop-punk. See what Panic Stations has in store here.

motion city soundtrack

Source: Album Artwork

Motion City Soundtrack are back with more of their infectiously upbeat pop punk. This time it comes in the form of 11-track album Panic Stations. It came as a result of the bands insatiable need to write music and wasn’t even initially intended to be an album, but it has resulted in a great selection of tracks.

Justin Pierre has a great talent for making whatever he sings sound cheerful, no matter how deep or dark the subject matter of his lyrics might be. “I’m worried, I miss you, I hope you’re ok,” sounds like lyrics from an emotional pop ballad, but MCS work them into the fast paced opening track ‘Anything At All‘. The vocals still portray passion, though, with power and crescendos in all the right places, clearly feeling the emotions of the lyrics.

The fourth track, and first single, ‘Lose Control‘, changes things up for the first time. The introduction is stripped back, focusing on the bass guitar, before the vocals kick in with some electronic drum beats. Everything picks up nicely for the chorus, heading back to the sound we associate with them, with a little synth accompaniment courtesy of Jesse Johnson.

The following track, ‘Heavy Boots‘, takes things back to straight up to level rock. The vocals play a much more key role in the overall composition of the song, even getting a moment of acappella glory. This track is also Josh Cain‘s moment to shine as a great guitar solo kicks in at the bridge.

Over It Now‘ takes things back to 2010 and the sound of ‘Her Words Destroyed My Planet‘. While that was the singer feeling generally down and upset about everything, ‘Over It Now’ is exactly what it seems like; getting angry and getting over it. Both the musical and lyrical content makes this feel like a bit of a sequel track, and that’s a good thing in this case.

Panic Stations offers moments for each member to take the spotlight and show of their talent. Really, it’s a great album for Motion City Soundtrack fans as it offers more of them doing what they do best, upbeat pop-punk songs, with nice emotional lyrics. It’s the perfect music to blast in your bedroom, dance on your bed to and dramatically lip-sync into your hair brush.

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