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Moose Blood – Kafee Aloys, Eindhoven(NL) – 18/10/14 | Live Review

We recently saw Moose Blood as they opened for Balance and Composure. Here’s our recollection of the night.

Source: Official Facebook

Moose Blood joined in on the fun with Balance and Composure and Seahaven as their extensive fall tour hit mainland Europe. The Canterbury boys only just released their debut full-length, which we are a massive fan of, so we were excited to see how they would come across in a live setting. The task of opening up a show, especially in a foreign land is not an easy one, but these upcoming emo rockers looked right at home.

Moose Blood’s set took place short after a local football match that most of the crowd were still jittery about, and vocalist Eddie Brewerton asked the audience to come in closer as they began to play. Starting the set with their typical instrumental opener ‘My Own Boat’,  it became very clear that the one thing that fuels a Moose Blood live set is a constant overflow of energy. The band made use of the very little space that they did have and showed confidence in their own art. Although it was evident that quite few people in the room were already familiar with the band, a couple of fans started to sing along as ‘Bukowski’ rolled in, whilst others bopped along to the beat.

Most of the time, when a band has just released new material, with the addition of playing a support slot, the night’s setlist will be a wall of new songs. In the case of Moose Blood, they played a nice mix of new tracks as well as some older ones like ‘Evening Coffee’, ‘Stay Here’ and ‘Moving Home’. Despite the small number of people belting out the words, it was clear that the band did not see this as discouragement but rather an opportunity to win them over.  With a style reminiscent of Brand New, we reckon these guys are going to keep continue growing. It’s safe to say that in no time at all, they’ll be the band on everyone’s lips.

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