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Mont Oliver – 19 | E.P. Review

Danish trio Mont Oliver have released their debut E.P. – and here’s what we thought

Source: E.P. artwork

Source: E.P. Artwork

Mont Oliver are a trippy trio from Copenhagen. They’re Denmark’s answer to an unlikely fuse of Passion Pit, Flying Lotus and The Fugees, combining hallucinogenic synthesizers and falsetto with R&B beats and jazzy piano parts. Indietronic & Blues, if you like.

This blend sums up their debut E.P 19, released via Danish label Fake Diamond Records. Title track ‘19’ is a dreamy, nostalgic number, Jakob Hammershaf’s high voice and confused words representing the naivety of his teenage subject, as he sings “You are young//Can’t tell right from wrong”. It’s slow, serene, and filled with major chords – a pleasure on the ears.

‘White Sheets’ veers more towards R&B with its heavy beat. It’s probably the most commercial track on the E.P with its low, auto-tuned vocals – and definitely the least enticing.

We’re back to abstract with ‘Nobody Knows’: a song with such elusive, empty lyrics, you’re left questioning whether you should even be questioning the song’s meaning – “Nobody knows what I have found//All they see is empty pages//Running out of patience again”. The E.P. is brought to a dramatic close with the foreboding repetitive synthesiser riff of ‘Golden Glow’.

Just a taster of things to come, 19 shows heaps of potential for this Danish trio – particularly the title track. Drawing influence from artists such as Metronomy and Sbtrkt, they’re a moreish mix for those who like their indie with a big side serving of electronic – and without a shake of guitar-fuelled rock.

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