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Monomyth – Further | Album Review

Monomyth release their new album Further. Read here to check out something different.

Credit: Album Cover

Credit: Album Cover

Netherlands Rockers Monomyth are a band that have chosen to explore the path of instrumental music. There seem to be a lot of instrumental bands around and rock bands especially tend to this extremely well, for there is enough energy that can be felt in any rock beat. To sustain the momentum however can be difficult.

However, after listening and delving into Monomyth’s new album Further, we have come to the conclusion that this five piece band are attempting to create something different entirely. Instead of taking on the class route of heavy drum beats, and complex guitar solos, they combine a multitude of layers with instruments such as the keyboard, intertwined with guitar and bass.

Their sound remains within a trance and Krautrock sound, exploring different dimensions of instrumental, expressive music.

Although Further only features four tracks, the album is an intense 45 minutes of Prog Rock. ‘Spheres’ for instance will take you in completely, in something akin to Jimi Hendrix riffs, mixed with techno progressions; the track will work wonders to obtain your undivided attention. Exploding into a complex melodic, and psychedelic rhythm, that really does attend to the name of the track – it’ll have your thoughts swirling, but in a controlled manner.

‘Collision’ follows a sweeter sounder, again staying true to the tracks name, it provides a two-wave sound, ranging from intimate and optimistic, to a higher Rock beat, with an interesting use of the organ seeping quite powerfully through. Ending quite intensely with an insane guitar solo and a party of instruments.

However, the last track takes its toll. Although each instrument holds it’s own strength, and the hooks are undeniably incredible, it is a track we believe one would have to simply sit back and engross themselves in. Further is not background music, instead it attempts to challenge the listener to fully appreciate how music alone can speak volumes, even without words. The experimentation of music style here may not be to everyone’s taste, however we must applaud Monomyth for their attempt and the skill clearly displayed in the playing.

The tracks do not follow the similar therapeutic experience some intense instrumentals may offer. However it is something that may open the thoughts a little wider instead of shutting them off. Energerised instrumentals that explore different meanings through their variations of beats and tone. Conveying numerous moods, through different hooks, Monomyth release Futher soon, to hopefully further your listening skill, and music appreciation to contemplate on a deeper level the journey music can take.

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