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Miss Vincent – Somewhere Else | EP Review

South coast band Miss Vincent take a stab at punk with new EP ‘Somewhere Else’ and here’s what we think.

miss vincent

Source: EP Artwork

It seems disingenuous or even overly negative to say – but the problem with being an up and coming band that involves elements of punk these days is that comparisons are almost certainly going to be drawn to Creeper, a band that are seemingly taking the punk/gothic rock genre by storm at this moment.

Southampton’s Miss Vincent, however, manage to portray enough ingenuity throughout upcoming EP Somewhere Else to strike the chords that have been pre-discovered in punk as well as adding spiffs of their own quality to create something that can be considered unique.

Surges of pace flit throughout the EP making it a heart racer at the very least. Vocalist Alex Marshall has a level of swagger that stays consistently charming throughout the record, with both ‘Cold Hands‘ and ‘The Lovers’ punchy tones benefiting from the level of charisma that is brought to the table here.

There’s a level of emotion that sits within Somewhere Else that while would seem accustomed in EP’s of this nature, still comes across in a way that doesn’t seem predictable nor mediocre, with ‘Beauty In Darkness’ being the melancholy encounter that tugs on the heartstrings and brings out quenching passion.

Being able to write a chorus with a real hook is a borderline necessity in pretty much any style of music in the 21st century, and songs like ‘The Western Shore‘ show that Miss Vincent are more than capable doing so, with a sailing foot stomper of a chorus set to catch on like a forest fire.

For a first flurry into punk, this is a more than reasonable showing from Miss Vincent, and certainly gives them a future to work within the genre, which at this point – is about as much as they could ask for. While at times lacking in an ability to get out of third gear, there’s more than enough here to set the band up eloquently to take the next step.

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