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Millie Manders – Obsession Transgression | EP Review

Millie Manders has a brand new EP coming up. Find out why it could be your new favourite here.

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

Talk about Girl Power. Millie Manders works wonders on her new EP with a full, powerful vocal. There are two EPs already in her back catalogue and Millie is clearly getting good at putting together songs that she should be proud of, and that display her talents both singing and writing. Her new EP, Obsession Transgression, is less of a spectrum of styles, more a splattering of colours thrown skilfully together to create a beautiful new shade. While the primary sound of this EP is that of ska, she could definitely perform highly in any genre she sets her mind to.

The opening track instantly cements the overlying ska theme with an instant hit of brass. On the surface it is a great fun song, as you’d expect from the genre, but listen to the lyrics and you get a taste of how socially conscious she is. The title track covers the subject of influential magazines and the media perception of beauty. It’s a deep subject for such a jaunty songs, but it’s well executed.

Teddy‘ is where we really start to see her range. The bass heavy intro already hints at a darker side to the song, in which the singer songwriter takes the role of a controlling or, as the lyrics say, ‘possessive‘ partner. In keeping with the line “You’re so pretty, I’m going crazy,” the vocals slowly lose control towards the end of the song. They gradually descend into madness and screams in a wonderfully weird way, only serving to prove the earlier point that Millie is multi-talented when it comes to her vocal chords.

The stand out track is ‘Bacchus‘, a wonderful ode to the God of wine. There’s something rich and smooth about this song. Appropriately, its the audio equivalent of a good, full-bodied red wine. And its so easy to sing along to with the repetitive refrain and catchy rhythmic melody. After listening to the whole EP, this’ll be the track you just can’t shake.

Overall, the EP has a solid feel of Chantal Claret meets ska. The world needs more ballsy female vocalists like this. There’s something oddly inspiring about the attitude Millie sings with that will no doubt have girls everywhere standing up and loving themselves, because if she can ooze this much confidence through four songs, why can’t the rest of us?

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