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Meghan Trainor – Title | Album Review

Fan of Meghan Trainor? Her debut record Title is now available, click here to read our verdict!

Source: Meghan Trainor Official Facebook Page

This time last year, Meghan Trainor was sitting with Kevin Kadish, pen in hand, conjuring up a certain booty-inspired track that would forever change her career. One year on, the budding singer-songwriter can now say that that very song topped the US Charts for an entire eight weeks. ‘All About That Bass‘ has certainly helped bring hype to Title, but the question is, how does the album measure up?

If there’s anything that Title does show, it’s that there’s more to Meghan than what you’ve heard in her first two singles, the other being ‘Lips Are Movin’‘. Though the hook is just as catchy, you can’t help liken it to ‘All About That Bass‘. It’s one thing to establish yourself with a seemingly tight niche but when it comes to single choices, a track such as ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You‘ would fare much better in showing off Meghan’s range. Right from the first note Meghan showcases the soul beneath her sweet exterior, John Legend’s presence is just a bonus, and when John Legend is labelled a ‘bonus’, you know the song’s already a winner.

What you also learn from Meghan’s music is that she’s surprisingly savvy, and tells it like it is whether she’s drunk-texting the guy on her mind at ‘3am‘ or clumsily putting on her undergarments the wrong way before starting the ‘Walkashame‘. The former is particularly honest, and though the piano tries to lighten up the song, Meghan’s heartache really translates and you completely understand why.

The potential problem with Title is that whilst no song is particularly weak, there’s few songs that stand out. ‘Dear Future Husband‘ for one is very listenable, Meghan happens to combine humour and rhythm very well but there’s not too much that distinguishes it from deluxe track ‘Mr. Almost‘ aside from the lyrical content. ‘What If‘ makes an attempt, and one is tempted to compare it to a classic Hollywood blockbuster-epic, but if Meghan was perhaps a little more ambitious with her voice, it would’ve done her more favours.

When it comes to songwriting, Meghan is up there with today’s greats – no exaggeration, she’s relatable and contemporary, well, that is if you can forgive her for using the term ‘bae’. All things considered, if she’s eventually able to match her sound to her lyrics, she’s all set for pop perfection.

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