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Mayday Parade And The Maine’s Flashback Friday – London Troxy – 05/02/2016 | Live Review

Mayday Parade brought us back to our teenage years with the treat of a setlist they had at the recent UK tour. Read more here.

Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Mayday Parade‘s extensive Black Lines Tour had a fantastic line-up that will thrill all pop rock lovers. We headed down early enough to catch the second band on the bill, Have Mercy. Granted, their alternative/ emo sound was very different to the rest of the line-up and supposedly it was a little too low energy for the crowd. It was evident that nobody, other than myself, was too impressed. This is such a shame because their emotive lyrics and Brian Swindle‘s raspy voice is a combination that could break hearts. Had they played a different show with bands closer to their genre, they would probably have been received so much better. When speaking of technicalities, it was not a bad performance, but they just seemed to fail to connect to the audience.

Next up was The Maine. Now, if you’ve ever seen this band live you will know that they step it up, every time. On record, The Maine are a great band but sometimes it’s easy to forget just how talented they are. Over the past years, the band has experimented a lot with their sound, each album presenting itself as a rebirth of sorts. Each time they come back as the best the band has ever been.

“Who cares about being cool? You probably are cool, but nobody’s judging you tonight,” John O’Callaghan encouraged the crowd to dance along, although they really didn’t need the encouragement. With a setlist including newer hits like ‘English Girls’ as well as old time favourites like ‘Growing Up’ and ‘Everything I Ask For’ The Maine‘s performance was so spotless, that at a certain point it was easy to forget that the end of their set was in fact not the end of the night.

Have Mayday Parade really been around for a decade now? It feels like just yesterday that they released the debut EP Tales Told By Dead Friends, but alas that was way back in 2006. So for that purpose, their set brought along all forms of nostalgia; which was strengthened by the fact that they played a bunch of classics like ‘Jamie All Over’ and even the first song they ever wrote as a band ‘Three Cheers For Five Years’. This isn’t a very common thing to occur, especially if a band is out to promote their new album.

Most of the time, especially if the tour if named after said album, at least 80% of the setlist would be dedicated to new material, however on this night longtime fans could rejoice. When they began their set with new track ‘One Of Them Will Destroy The Other’, we were given a glimpse of the band’s heavier side yet but everyone knows if there’s one thing Mayday Parade are good at, it’s toying with your emotions.

Between the heartbreaking plot twist that is ‘Terrible Things’ and possibly one of their greatest tracks ‘Miserable At Best’, there were plenty of chances to have a good cry. The latter always proves to be the highlight of their show, because the sing alongs always, always lead to goosebumps. Thanks to Mayday Parade from letting use relive our teenage years with some of the best material off their back catalogue.

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