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Mantar – The Spell | EP Review

Full of bile and poise, Bremen’s Mantar are a duo that are almost impossible to take lightly and their new EP is just that.

Source: EP Artwork

Full of bile and poise, Bremen’s Mantar are a duo that are almost impossible to take lightly. Hitting the airwaves with their no nonsense, all-out assault style metal since 2012; members Hanno and Erinc have become more than proficient at blending doom, punk, and straight up metal into a substance that’s as potent as it is free spirited.

New EP The Spell continues to bring the snarling style that would be expected of Mantar by now, but does so in an EP that clocks in at just over 12 minutes, making it a succinct and punching effort.

Opening track ‘Pest Crusade’ manages to sit on a spectrum that grooves, yet punishes at the same time. The drum fills of Erinc have a mess sense of real power and vibration to them which gives the track a lick of fibre and personality while the stomping guitar lines of Hanno bring with them a high sense of rhythm making the track an instant hit for anyone who likes a bit of stomp in their metal.

Both ‘Age Of The Vril’ and title track ‘The Spell’ have a real ode of sludge and are a slower, more precise blitz of dark metal. An interesting clean guitar section in the former brings in an additional element to an EP that doesn’t change gear often – and somewhat expectedly so in its short time span.

The Spell is in essence – a run of the mill EP, that comes across as though it was designed with the intention of giving a reminder that Mantar still have a beating heart until they are ready to put their efforts towards a full length. Nothing manages to overwhelm on the EP, but it does enough to ensure those that are already invested in the duo won’t be turned away here.

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