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Man With A Mission – Dead End In Tokyo | EP Review

Japanese dance rockers Man With A Mission have released a new EP entitled Dead End In Tokyo.

Man With A Mission - Dead End In Tokyo

Source: Album Artwork

According to Man With A Mission‘s backstory, they were created as the ‘Ultimate Life Form’ by guitarist Jimi Hendrix, who is, according to the band, “the doctor of guitar and master wolf biologist”. They were then supposedly frozen in the Antarctic for many years, and while frozen had been listening to music from all over the world. In 2010, they ‘escaped’ and emerged on to their native Japanese music scene. Since their… interesting beginning, Man With A Mission have released four studio albums and a number of EPs, DVDs and compilations, but nothing quite compares to their latest offering— an EP, entitled Dead End In Tokyo.

The titular lead single was produced and co-written by Fall Out Boy‘s ever-talented Patrick Stump, so things were already off to a brilliant start. The track manages to hit the mark, powered by an infectiously poppy beat which, predictably, is a staple across the rest of the EP. Luckily it doesn’t seem to get tired, even towards the end of the record, and instead presents itself as Man With A Mission’s niche rather than their monotony.

Consistently upbeat, you’d be hard to find someone frowning while listening to this EP. There are six studio tracks, with the remaining three being recorded while the band were on tour in Japan. It’s not unusual for a band to do this but it still comes across as quite refreshing when you’re able to compare the differences between how Man With A Mission fare when they have the opportunity to record a couple takes, and then when they’re playing live and loud. In both instances, they’re meticulously on point. A particularly brilliant live offering comes in the form of ‘Give It Away‘, taken from the band’s most recent album The World’s On Fire.

Man With A Mission have a phenomenal reach, with shows planned in not only Europe but also what some may consider the untouchable Russia. It’s safe to say that their music is easy to digest, a point only proven with the release of this record, but beyond that they manage to successfully deliver on each and ever track with fantastic instrumentals and questionable yet still flawless vocals. They may only just now be beginning to make themselves known in the English-speaking market, but they’re right on track for victory.

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