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Man Overboard / Senses Fail – Split | EP Review

What did we think of Man Overboard and Senses Fail’s new split EP? Check out here!

Source: Official Artwork

Source: Official Artwork

Why do we love split EP’s? The main reason is because it feels like you get more for your money, more bang for your buck. Oftentimes though, you get two fairly different bands being paired together who somehow share fan bases, this allows you to listen to one of your favourites while being introduced to something new and interesting. Here we’re pairing the pop-punk Americans in Man Overboard, a band that are finally starting to get the attention they deserve with the powerful, post-hardcore sound of Senses Fail.

They may have distinctive styles, but overall they complement each other so well. The EP splits the 4 tracks down the middle, with the first two being dedicated to Man Overboard, and their interesting take on the pop-punk genre, and second half being the now almost instantly recognisable tone of Senses Fail. Both are perfect examples of their respective catalogues. Man Overboard’s addition is upbeat, rhythmic and catchy. Senses Fail brings the groove withAll You Need Is Already Within You’, and the added power and heaviness that really rounds off a brilliant split EP.

One of the main attributes of the classic split, or vs, EP though is the chance to hear what each band sounds when covering the other’s track, with both choosing a track from the albums that essentially launched their careers. Man Overboard’s take on You’re Cute When You Scream is fantastic; with the clear pop-punk style adding screams to really mix up the style. Senses Fail choseReal Talk and just as Man Overboard added screams, this track has the addition of really pop-punk sounding vocals to create the same difference.

Split EP’s like this act as a taste test, like one band? Try the other, if not you’ve got two extra tracks that you didn’t have before, but chances are you’re going to find a new band to really get into. Both bands are ridiculously on point, and for what a split EP is, it really does make a fantastic piece of fun in only 4 tracks. There should be no complaints from either camp for this one, have a bit of fun and find a new band in the process.

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