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Machine Rox – The Next Level | Album Review

Industrial metallers Machine Rox are about to unleash their brand new album The Next Level. Check out our thoughts inside!

Credit: Album Cover

Credit: Album Cover

Initially created by Richard K, Machine Rox would be his little solo project after stints with industrial metallers Meat Machine and Global Noise Attack. However this soon became a full ensemble of a band and Machine Rox began to take on the world with their pulsating industrial metal ethos. Their brand new album The Next Level sees the four piece ignite an inferno on epic proportions. Buckle up as they take us on a journey through space and time.

Machine Rox sound like an amalgamation of Rammstein riff work being sodomised by those eerie Depeche Mode electronic beats. Thus creating a sound that walks the fine line between industrial metal and gothic electronica. Drenched with mysterious synths and powerful guitar licks, this is an album that will forever ignite the senses – from start to finish it’s a collection of genre defying magnificent that will keep you guessing at every turn.

Starting of this neo-rave is the upbeat ‘Lost My Mind’ which employs a futuristic synth melody, as if you are about to be beamed up by the Starship Enterprise. It quickly changes pace as it transform into an anthemic beast, with pounding drum beats and scintillating guitars which makes for easy listening. Moving into the flamboyant ‘Love Explosion’, it ignites the senses and tickles the receptors of your brain as we have now been given a taste of the music from the future. It’s like Terminator has picked up a guitar and created an indestructible fury of pulsating metal that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One of the stand out tracks ‘Illusion’ is an industrial metal triumphant, bringing together a groove driven sythn-pop style beat with some gritty guitars, it engrains itself into the darkest parts of your brain. Following suit are the ‘Last Kamikaze’ and ‘Breathe Again’ as they push the boundaries of a genre that has been accused of being a little saturated. Seeing out this utopia of industrial metal genius is the hard hitting ‘You Belong To Me’, as its intense ambience and gigantic riff ends the album with an almighty bang.

Next Level does exactly what it says on the tin, as Machine Rox are on a mission to redefine their niche. In doing so they have created a record that is both captivating and mind-blowing, as they break the mould for industrial metal bands.

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