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Lost Society – Brain Dead | Album Review

Here at MOSH, we let our local emo kid take a listen to ‘Brain Dead’ from metal outfit Lost Society. What was the outcome? Take a look inside to find out.

Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

As the local emo kid in the MOSH offices, I can usually be found in the corner, probably rocking gently back and forth, talking about how My Chemical Romance are just on hiatus and will one day return (2019, Danger Days). Now, I’m no stranger to metal, but it’s been a while since I was handed something quite this heavy. On first glances, the cover in itself was enough to put me off, looking somewhat gruesomely misogynistic; a throw-back to a certain style of eighties era heavy metal (I’m sure we all remember the infamousSmell The Glove scene in Spinal Tap?) and the font looks like something that I may have used at the age of 14 when trying to be ‘edgy’. However, I was not here to discuss pretty pictures. I’m here to make judgements on music. Does the audio inside deliver? Well, let’s have a look shall we?

Opening with ‘I Am The Antidote‘, you’d be excused for thinking you were listening to ‘Them Bones‘ era Alice In Chains. The guitars are deep, chugging and absolutely filthy in all the right ways, eventually cascading into a flurry of tightly played harmony lines and tasty, shred-filled solos. The drums truly bring the thunder to the proceedings, beating out driving, heavy hitting rhythms that tie together the elements that sit upon them. It’s textbook metal, but textbook done correctly. The textbook is there for a reason. In fact, it’s only the vocals that seem to fall slightly flat in the mix. Screaming is a technique that is so easy to do, but hard to perfect. Here, the screams lack any sort of diction, making it hard to actually distinct what’s being said. Now, I can already hear the outcries coming toward me, “it’s metal and you just don’t get it”, well perhaps, yet I feel as though Lost Society have a message or some sort of story they want to portray, but the inaudibility distorts it. That said, the sheer power of the lungs here are very much to be admired and throughout later tracks, the vocals clear up immensely. By the time ‘Hollow Eyes‘ takes us into the middle of the album, the overall sound of the band seems far more clear. It’s more metal, with little in the way of pushing the boundaries, but do we give a fuck? Certainly not!

The rest of the album is much of the same riff-laden, relentless mosh-pit-worthy metal, jammed to the brim with some excellent guitar work and a real sense of love to the genre. Although it is the dalliances with other influences that create the most stand out moments. ‘Hangover Activator‘ flies almost into American Hardcore and Punk territory, slamming down the accelerator and not letting go for it’s three and a half adrenaline soaked minutes of play time. The darker tones of ‘Only (My) Death Is Certain‘ are also a treat to the ears, building from haunting guitar pickings into an almost nineties Misfits territory (think ‘The Abominable Doctor Phibes‘) before finally sweeping into its own brand of heavy.

So, back to the original question, does it deliver? Yes. Is it going to break any boundaries? No. Does that matter? We don’t think so. It’s metal, plain and simple. Metal ain’t broke, so why try to fix it? A worthy listen for the lover of the heavier music.

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