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Losers – How To Ruin Other People’s Futures | Album Review

Alt-electro kings LOSERS, return with their intense third album “How to ruin other peoples futures” and it’s just as raw as the title suggests.


Source: Album Artwork

Creeping up to their 10 year anniversary, Alt-Electro kings Losers, have been on one hell of a journey. Not one’s to regurgitate the same sounds over and over, they have resurfaced from a two-year time out in Berlin, after succumbing to the frustrations of London, with a whole new vibe and a lot to say.

How to Ruin Other People’s Futures is the product of the bands underlying rock roots and a collective adoration for electronic sounds and it stands out above their previous releases as being the most cathartic yet. The emotional undertones of the title, leads you into a false sense of what the next 10 tracks are going to be about but the further in you get, you find yourself beautifully blind-sighted by angst and intensity. with a well-rounded melodic ribbon holding it all together.

The highlight of this release is the rollercoaster ride that each track takes you on. Whilst there are of course similarities, each number has something new to say and a different sound to get your head around, this keeping you perfectly poised on your toes for the duration of the record. 
Having said that, this also served to be a lower point of the release, as at times it was hard to get into the feel of each track in the way that you’d like to once you realized that in 5 minutes time, you’d be listening to something completely different.

However, we think this was the aim from the start. To create something that perfectly summed up the inner workings of Losers and allowed fans to take a sneaky peak into the writing process. From one fateful note left in the recording studio, to a triumphant 10 track knockout, this album has brought Losers into a whole new light, one that I will continue to look out for.

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