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Lonely Robot – Please Come Home | Album Review

John Mitchell’s latest project Lonely Robot have released their debut album. See what we have to say about their unique sound here.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

On the face of things Lonely Robot are a three piece band, put together by John Mitchell. He plays guitar bass and keyboards, as well as being the vocalist, and is joined by drummer Craig Blundell and additional bassist Nick Beggs. This, however, barely scratches the surface when it comes to the entire list of everyone who has lent their talents to this album, making Lonely Robot more of a project than a band.

The opening track is a 3 minute 51 second introduction to the album. Initially, the background noise and piano makes it sound like the soundtrack to a classic horror film, but intermittent guitar solos give a feel for what this album is really about. The combined tone of the track, ‘Airlock’, gives a sense of futuristic classic rock, and a real sense of individuality.

‘Why Do We Stay’ is the first track to feature a guest vocal in the form of Heather Findlay. Her duet with Mitchell is the first time we hear a truly stripped back track, without the futuristic element, with his rough vocal and her light and airy one accompanied by raw instrumental makes for quite an emotional track.

The next track is an eponymous one, and really brings us a sense of sci-fi, highlighted by the opening narration by actor Lee Ingleby. He speaks the lyrics of the chorus to set the tone and give a sense of story telling to the track, as the high-pitched synth sound behind his words carry through the song, tying everything together. The combination in the chorus of the Mitchell’s naturally rocky vocal, beautiful piano lines, hard hitting drums and low range guitar continues this atmospheric feel throughout the crescendos of the track.

We get a new theme introduced with ‘Construct Obstruct’, as the repetitive nature of some of the guitar and keyboard sounds in the introduction and solo create a game soundtrack feel. Although this is something new being introduced eight tracks in, it still fits into the realm of sci-fi, which is the overbearing theme tying all songs together.

The penultimate song, ‘Humans Being’, brings us back to the softer feels and continues to keep the pace of the album changing, and therefore interesting to a listener. In this track we get a guest guitarist, with Nik Kershaw giving a slow yet impressive and emotional solo just adding to the overall sentiment of the track.

‘The Red Balloon’ serves as a 2 minute outro, even with the inclusion of vocals. It is a simple track with piano and singing, ending with a slight breeze to wind everything down after such an interesting feast for the ears as was offered up by the rest of Please Come Home.

This album is definitely one of those rare gems that needs to be sat down and listened to in its entirety to really get the sense of what Mitchell was doing with this project. Even with an overwhelming list of personnel featured on this record it is a beautifully thought out and cohesive collection of songs.

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