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Lizzy Farrall – All I Said Was Never Heard | EP Review

Lizzy Farrall releases a new EP, All I Said Was Never Heard. Our review of her debut here!

Lizzy Farrall

Source: EP Cover

Lizzy Farrall makes her debut with the EP All I Said Was Never Heard, which will be released on Pure Noise Records.

The five-song EP is a solid introduction to the singer/songwriter. Farrall has a clear, distinctive voice and her quirkily charming inflection lends even the more conventional lines a refreshing element of surprise.

Opening song ‘Broken Toy’ is centered around its delicate, chiming guitar, but despite this, the melancholy lyrics and the duende innate to Farrall’s voice undercut its sweetness. ‘Broken Toy’ mourns not just the end of a romance, but moreover how the unraveling of it changes her, a red-eyed stocktaking of the after-effects of the end of a love affair. The contrast between the lightness of the music and the soul itself of the song flags Farrall up as a young songwriter of note to watch.

‘Better With’, selected as the EP’s single and accompanied by a music video shot by Boston Manor‘s Henry Cox, shows a different side of Farrall. With a driving guitar sound and more joyful mood, the song deals with that first rush of obsessive love. “I’ve never spent so many days just wanting to be awake”, she sings. And yet, for a song about that headlong, dizzy period when even sleep seems an unbearable separation from someone, there’s still an unspoken shadow haunting the lovers, as though the future end to their relationship is somehow already known to Farrall.

Thematically, the EP deals with relationships, with young heartbreak and loss. But while the topic may be one already extensively covered, there’s an intrinsically special quality to these songs and an honesty and yearning that shines out through them. With All I Said Was Never Heard, Farrall has crafted a beautiful series of songs that are fresh, poignant, and immediately memorable.

The EP comes out in January, followed shortly thereafter by a string of UK dates opening for Seaway.

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