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Live Review: We Are The Ocean – Exeter Cavern – 18/09/12

We were lucky enough to witness the We Are The Ocean show live in Exeter! Check out what we thought of the show inside..

Band: We Are The Ocean
Venue: Exeter Cavern
Date: 18th September 2012

After the release of their new album, ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’, a new age We Are The Ocean has been born and oh my it is one hell of a good one. Tonight in Exeter saw the first date of their first UK tour in which has felt like forever and in all honesty a lot of us were holding our breath for the obvious reasons.

As the band entered the stage to a blazing crowd that little shadow of doubt instantly started to fade. They pounded out hit upon hit from their discography and touched on all of their great tracks from all three We Are The Ocean cracking albums; they even smashed out their first EP gem track, ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’. In all honesty it was hard to diminish what that crowd loved more. The reaction for their old material classics such as ‘Confessions‘, ‘What It Feels Like‘ and ‘The Waiting Room‘ seemed to pretty much mimic that of their newest tracks such as ‘Bleed’ and ‘The Road’. Track favourite of the night goes to set opener ‘Machine’, such an amazing song but if we are honest our jaws hit the floor pretty much throughout their whole set.

The fact that they have reworked their old material so well deserves merit in itself; not at any point did you feel awkward or cringe at what you were witnessing in front of you. Lead vocalist Liam Cromby is a more than capable front man and guitarist Alfie Scully backs him up superbly. That fear that some avid We Are The Ocean fans had in the back of their head is now just a foggy day dream. Their new album is quite simply brilliant and live it is ten times better. Mind blown is an understatement; buy their album and try and watch them live while this tour is still on! We doubt they will play venues this small again for a long time! Now go and support an amazing British band that are quite simply on the edge of hitting the big time.


Reviewer: Steph Knight

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