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Live Review: We Are The In Crowd – London, Roundhouse – 10/05/2013

We Are The In Crowd and Never Shout Never played London’s Roundhouse on the last night of their tour. HTF went along to check it out, take a read of what we thought here.

Band: We Are The In Crowd/ Never Shout Never
Support: Fort Hope
Venue: London, Roundhouse
Date: 10/05/2013

It’s actually quite sad to see London’s legendary Roundhouse so empty tonight: upstairs isn’t even open and when support act Fort Hope step on stage there’s plenty of space around the venue. Not that people are missing out on that much. Fort Hope are My Passion without front man Laurence Rene, instead drummer Jonathon Gaskin has been promoted to front man. Despite having quite a good voice it’s clear he’s been behind the drum kit for long time as banter isn’t something tonight’s set is full of. The band are certainly not bad, they’re all accomplished musicians who know their craft but let’s just say the set lacked anything exciting: it was like waiting for your laundry to finish- you sit and watch because you have nothing better to do.


Never Shout Never are for most one of those bands you love or hate but for most Christofer Drew is quite the front man, there’s something about him that melts the hearts of almost every female in the audience. Maybe it’s his cute good looks, or maybe it’s how he’s all full of love and peace and constantly preaches that everyone can ‘do anything you want to’. Being a little bit older than the average audience member though we don’t quite get it. The songs themselves are quite good with a folk edge and a funky beat including opener ‘Piggy Bank’ through to penultimate song ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ but there’s something about Christofer’s voice that begins to grate on us after a few songs. If it wasn’t for all the confetti cannons and bouncy balls floating around to punch we may have got a little bored.

Tonight though is all about We Are The In Crowd. Their fifteen track set flashes past in a haze pop punk intensity. We’re not sure if it took Tay some time to get into the show or whether the venues equipment really was that bad because for the first few songs almost all of Tay’s vocals were inaudible. Not that this seemed to faze the screaming crowd as they sang back every lyric keeping the night moving at a decent pace.


Tay and Jordan’s voices really stand out when mid-set they play an acoustic version of ‘We Need A Break’ with harmonies which gel together perfectly and show off how strong they can actually be. Sometimes Tay’s strength is lost within a sea of instruments and loud noises, but this shows she really can sing! They battle their way prodominatly through material from their debut full-length album including opener ‘The Worst Thing About Me’ right through to closer ‘Rumour Mill’. We Are The In Crowd are the epitome of pop- punk and know how to great a crowd moving which ultimately is what it’s all about.


For a final night of tour though it seems like We Are The In Crowd may have picked a venue a little out of their depth as they seem almost unprepared. But they still pulled off a fun set which got the whole crowd on their feet.


Reviewer: Rhian Westbury

Photos: George Powell

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