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Live Review: Thirty Seconds To Mars – The O2 Arena, London – 23/11/13

Thirty Seconds To Mars return to London’s O2 Arena for their Love Lust Faith + Dreams World Tour. Find out what we thought here.


Band: Thirty Seconds To Mars
Support : You Me At Six
Venue: The O2 Arena, London
Date: 23/11/13

The last time we saw Thirty Seconds To Mars play the O2 Arena was back in 2010, on their world record Into The Wild Tour, putting on a show that captivated audiences like never before. Two years on and the three-piece are back, with Love Lust Faith + Dreams and expectations from fans sky high. Well, they didn’t just meet those expectations, they blew them through the roof. “Jump and touch the sky” as Jared Leto said. You bet we did, you bet we did.

Supporting Thirty Seconds To Mars is no small feat, but You Me At Six certainly delivered. Marking their big return to the UK scene ahead of Cavalier Youth’s release, the Surrey rockers play a 9-song set full of crowd favourites. Josh Franceschi‘s vocals in ‘Bite My Tongue’ sounded better than they’ve ever done, saying “This song goes out to people who make life so difficult”. The crowd respond with circle-pits emerging all over. As the room lit up during ‘Crash’, the atmosphere in the O2 was synonymous to that of the Final Night of Sin. New track ‘Lived A Lie’ drew an incredible response, despite the lack of a full house. When closer ‘Underdog’ dropped, the crowd got up onto their feet with fists-pumping and screaming from the bottom of their lungs. Its no wonder the crowd gave the reaction they did when Josh revealed they’d be back in April. We’ll see you there Sixers.

As the wait between You Me At Six and Thirty Seconds To Mars sets in, the crowd are teased with men in gas masks emerging from the curtains, who point huge torches around the room to get everyone excited (not that we needed help with that). As the lights come down, and a triad laiden curtain falls, a 19 song set-list of pure epic proportions begins. The set opens with ‘Birth’ as the sound of Taiko drummers in harmony with Shannon Leto is released into the room. Jared Leto descends from above, making a spectacle of an entrance, stating that they’re back and better than ever. It filters into ‘Night of the Hunter’ which begins the concert’s outstanding production, as well as seeing the crowd really getting involved with jumping around. Throughout, the band’s legendary music videos play in the background, directed by Jared’s alter ego Bartholomew Cubbins, alongside lighting production that even in the high heavens of seating can wow. This, combined with the likes acrobatic wonders as interludes, we see what make Thirty Seconds To Mars shows unlike any others.

As ‘Pyres of Varanasi’ ripples the body with bass, acrobats jump and flip on a see saw to blow the minds of the audience. Crowd involvement plays a big part in Mars shows, and this was no different. As Jared whirls around stage with England’s flag during  ‘Do or Die’, he continues to win the hearts of the Echelon. Expected Mars show traits, such as getting people on stage, taking pictures and teasing members of the audiences also make a welcoming comeback. But the true highlight of this Mars show was the flawless vocals from Jared, in accompaniment to impeccable and innovative musicianship. Guitar solos from Tomo Milicevic, to drumming and percussion from Shannon that’s never sounded better, to Jared’s spine-tingling solos in ‘End of All Days’ and ‘Alibi’. It had it all. With balloons, confetti and the lights of every audience members mobile phones to re-create “A billion lights” in the ‘City of Angels’ music video, this concert was unforgettable.

The Love Lust Faith + Dreams Tour has showcased to the world that Thirty Seconds To Mars are one of the best live acts on the planet. Jared ended with “I’ll never forget this night for as long as I live”, and we won’t either.


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