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Live Review: Seether – Union Chapel – 05/11/13

Seether try something different by heading out on an acoustic tour. We were at the first date, see what we thought.

Band: Seether
Venue: Union Chapel
Date: 05/11/13

Despite being a heavier band, Seether are trying something different with an acoustic set at the beautiful Union Chapel, in the style of fellow grunge band and icons Nirvana. In the words of lead singer Shaun Morgan, “We’re a little bit more noisy than this”. The mood is set before the band appear on stage with fairy lights draped from the drum kit across the stage and hanging down the front.

The opening song, ’69 Tea’, instantly proves that this is going to be a great show. The soft guitars are accompanied by quieter-than-normal drums and contrasted by the vocals. Shaun holds nothing back, and the natural gravel in his voice shows through, reminding the crowd that they are watching a rock band.

As with many intimate gigs the on stage banter really gives the show an extra something. There were a few recurring themes throughout, including Dale’s bass slip ups, or as he calls it ‘jazz notes’, and Shaun’s forgetting to tune his guitar. This happened at just before the song ‘The Gift’, he explained how strange it is to go back to basics, having to tune his own guitar. “I know, ‘hashtag first world problems’, right?” he laughed, doing the hand gesture and everything, before shaking his head in shame and muttering “I hate Twitter”.

As with a lot of shows, there was of course that one fan who was desperate for his favourite song to be played. He continually called “Tied My Hands” from the fourth row until Shaun finally caved. By this point the vocalist was the only band member on stage as he performed the song for the first time since 2006.

As well as these smaller tracks, the band make sure to cover the bigger hits such as Driven Under, Broken and Fake It, keeping everyone as happy as possible.

As the show comes nearer to the end, bassist Dale Stewart is growing increasingly more drunk due to the fact that he has managed to single handedly drink an entire bottle of red wine. Throughout the last two songs, drunk Dale steals the show as between the two songs, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Remedy’, he rambles on. He starts by returning to the subject of his ‘jazz notes’ and how he is now a “jazz odyssey” and somehow ends talking about how he wants Shaun to “show me what love is”. Of course the vocalist responds by singing ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ as Dale places a kiss on his cheek.

In an effort to get the show back on track Shaun cuts Dale off by saying “Gimme your D bro”, referring to the D chord the bassist needed to be playing and of course being misinterpreted. After many laughs and one final song, the show ends on high and with a standing ovation for Seether. All in all it was a great way to kick of the tour.


Review by: Jenna Young

Photos by: Kayla Elliott

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