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Live Review: Reckless Love – O2 Islington Academy – 10/10/13

Finnish 80s-enthusiasts Reckless Love rocked out the Islington Academy last week. Read more, here!

Band: Reckless Love
Venue: O2 Islington Academy
Date: 10/10/2013

There’s a mixed crowd in Islington Academy tonight. Amidst those who’ve clearly come from work, this being a week night, are the few who’ve made a little more effort. Studded jackets are the trend, with the classic glam-rock blonde mane-like hair, sprayed to perfection. The look is so outrageous in itself that its hard to distinguish between those in wigs and the real thing.

That’s irrelevant tonight though, because Finland’s Reckless Love aren’t concerned with the small details, they came here to have fun. It’s fun they bring in abundance, stepping out to the sounds of their 80s heroes. Launching into the self-explanatory ‘I Love Heavy Metal‘, they certainly look the part, decked out in skull jackets and tight leathers.

Breezing through ‘On The Radio‘ and ‘Born To Break Your Heart‘, the packed crowd is dancing more than moshing. Its not all light-hearted though, as lead singer Ollie Herman stops the show mid-song to check on a crying girl in the front row. It’s amazing that he’s noticed, as there hasn’t been a minute in the performance that he hasn’t been running about the stage, kicking his legs into the air or simply posing alongside his bandmates.

Aside from the concern for their fans, this is a band that doesn’t take themselves seriously. The easy sing-a-long choruses and feel-good anthems are designed for a great night out and it works perfectly in this setting. Despite the rockstar image, there’s not a spec of artistic pretension to be seen. Even the faux-exit before the encore is announced by the band with “you know we’re coming back..“.

Previous single ‘Night On Fire‘ is the most well-received of the set, bringing the whole audience to one joyous roar. As ‘Hot‘ and ‘One More Time‘ bring the night to a close, its a happy, if sweaty crowd that leave the venue tonight. Tortured artists be damned, this is one feel-good show that could convince even the most snobbish of music lovers.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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