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Live Review: McFly – Royal Albert Hall – 19/09/13

McFly celebrated their 10th birthday in style at London’s Royal Albert Hall last weekend. Read about it HERE!

Artist: McFly
Venue: Royal Albert Hall
Date: 19/09/2013

This year McFly turned ten years old and decided to celebrate this milestone anniversary aptly with four special shows at London’s The Royal Albert Hall. Not often does this venue play host to such a mainstream pop act, but for the next four nights it was about to witness exactly why this four-some have made it a decade in the industry.

After playing a montage on the big screen of appreciation from fans and celebrities (a theme which continues throughout the show) the band explode onto stage and begin their celebrations with ‘Saturday Night’ – the song which opened their first ever headline UK tour back in 2004. The memories keep on coming as they play songs from each of their past albums, including the never before played Little Joanna – which although they comment is difficult to perform live, not a single note sounds out of place. With almighty energy and a great sense on fun throughout, it becomes clear that this band have perfected a timeless and addictive pop combination in every song they’ve written.

With it being their tenth year anniversary, it would have been rude to not involve the band who helped project them into the limelight – Busted. James Bourne and Matt Willis make a surprise appearance much to the excitement of the whole audience, joining the McFly boys on stage to form ‘McBusted’. As they sing ‘Year 3000’ and ‘Air Hostess’ the Royal Albert Hall almost travels back in time to make every 14-year-old girl’s dreams come true. Except those 14-year-olds are now in their 20’s reveling in the opportunity to see their childhood idols on stage together again, with Bourne and Willis clearly enjoying it just as much.

Giving everyone a chance to return their heartbeats to normal, Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher perform ‘Walk In The Sun’ and ‘Not Alone’, further proving how their talents have brought them so far. Stripping the show back to nothing but their acoustic guitars and voices, it is clear how they perfectly compliment each other both musically and personally. Amongst all this, Tom even finds time to show off his theatre school past with a song written especially for the occasion. ‘McFly: The Musical’ describes their journey the only way they know how – with penis jokes and witty rhymes.

The band also take time to tease the new album with footage from the recording studio before playing their upcoming single ‘Love Is On The Radio’ to a very warm reception. From their very latest single they then seamlessly play their very first – ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’. Although the band never fails to play this song at their live shows, something felt different this time. The hall erupts with a sense of pride as it seems to hit home just how far they’ve really come since 2003.

The emotional finale comes as they play ‘The Heart Never Lies’. As the band and fans alike sing together ‘it’s not always easy but McFly’s here forever’, an overwhelming sense of unity between the four lads and their fans is crystal clear. As long as this special relationship and the band’s almighty passion for what they do remains, may the McFly reign continue for many more years to come.


Reviewer:  Claire Rollins

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