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Live Review: Mallory Knox – 02 Academy 2, Islington, London – 16/01/2012

HTF hit up the last date on the Mallory Knox tour this month. Check out what we thought of their show in London right here..

Band: Mallory Knox
Support: Piper Saint, Stars Of A Search Party and Verses
Venue: 02 Academy 2, Islington, London
Date: 16/01/12

Monday nights are never easy when it comes to gigs, which is why something extra has to be said about the sizable crowd that Mallory Knox and co managed to get through the doors. Whilst the crowd could’ve been forgiven for conserving energy for work/school/college the next day, though, they certainly gave their all back to the bands and steadily grew more vocal as the night went on.

Piper Saint were up first and they certainly got the night off to a good start, it’s very refreshing to see a female fronted band in recent times that draw absolutely no comparisons to Paramore as so many of their contemporaries do. Instead, Piper Saint are more of a throwback to the emotional atmospherics often provided by the likes of Taking Back Sunday. It was very evident that the band won over more and more of the audience as their set progressed making a big impression on those in attendance.

Stars of the Search Party took to the stage next to a very welcoming audience, their upbeat and high tempo brand of pop rock really brings the crowd to life (no easy feat at 8pm on a Monday night). One of the key factors that made watching this set so enjoyable was the fact that the band truly looked like they were having the time of their lives while they were onstage. There were party vibes in the air from the moment they stepped on stage until the moment they walked off. This is a band who you could certainly say have potential to be headlining their own tours in the very near future and it’ll be very interesting to see where they go from here.

Next up were the very well received Verses, clearly they had a fair few of their own fans in attendance as there were certainly large sections of the crowd singing along to almost every word, particularly during ‘Last Night In History‘. The band’s between song banter visibly brought some smiles and it has to be said that frontman, Jason, has bags of charisma that was totally lapped up by all in attendance. The fact that Verses weren’t the headline band tonight is certainly a testament to Mallory Knox‘s meteoric rise as you feel Verses would definitely be capable of closing a night like this.

The best, however, was still to come. Mallory Knox made there way to the stage after what seemed like the longest 15 minute interval of the night. Armed with an audience in the palm of their hand and the freedom of knowing that this was the last date of the tour, the Cambridge natives took full control of the room and captivated from start to finish. Every single chorus that these guys produce is anthemic and there wasn’t a single stationary body in the room once the big hooks kicked in.

There is always that something extra that sparkles when Mallory Knox play live, they seem to be able to not only recreate their recordings perfectly, but they can always be counted on to give some extra energy to their performances that pushes a good gig to a great one whenever they’re involved.

There is no doubt that Mallory Knox are one of the tightest live acts in British music right now and with the reception that ‘Resuscitate‘ and ‘Oceans‘ received. It is almost a certainty that 2012 will see them playing to audiences double the size when their eagerly awaited album is finally released in the summer, especially if the new tracks on offer tonight (particularly ‘Wake Up‘, which is ‘instant classic’ material) are anything to go by.

Reviewer: Ryan De Fraitas

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