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Live Review: LemonFest – Newton Abbot Racecourse – 30/06/12

Fir the third year running HTF hit up Newton Abbot’s LemonFest! Big thumbs up from us indeed, check out the reviews of the acts we watched and more inside..

Event: LemonFest 2012
Venue: Newton Abbot Racecouse, Devon
Date: 30/06/12

HTF were lucky enough to attend this years LemonFest for the third year in a row and this year was set to be their best yet! With a shining line up full of homegrown Devonian talent amongst others, 2012 was going to be the year for this young Devon festival.

As always, LemonFest always looks like that place to be with your trademark festival flags, stalls and the ultimate dance tent. They definitely upped their game this year; their Locally Grown stage was a lorry! I mean come on, that is beyond cool! With the weather against us we were worried but this did not dampen our spirits!

We watched and reviewed a few acts on the day and overall are giving the festival a massive thumbs up! For us there were a few main highlights but perhaps the dance tent was where it was this year! Act upon act of awesomeness pumping out the tunes all day!

We cannot wait to see what they are planning on doing next year, watch this space! Read our review of the day here below.. Until next year!

I Divide – Main Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

Exeter quintet I Divide open this years Main Stage with ease. As soon as the band kicked in with their opening track ‘The Arrival’, the flocks gathered to rock out with them. The sunshine was out and so was everyone’s spirits as we clap along with lead vocalist Tom Kavanagh. New track ‘Follow’ seems to get the biggest reaction from the bands on lookers as they ask us to sing along with them. Catchy lyrics, rhythmic guitars and a get up and dance chorus own this song the set favorite by far.

This band ooze talent and this is most definitely their year to shine. As they embark on the festival circuit this Summer they are grabbing yet more fans all around the country but it would seem their local crowd are kept close to their hearts today. Check them out now or you need your head testing!

Ryan Keen – Main Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

For HTF today this guy was hands down the best performance. Put a slice of Ed Sheeran with Ben Howard and you got yourself Ryan Keen! He is just what the UK is loving right now, beautiful vocals with a guitar in hand. Pure talent from every angle, no gimmicks just good song writing.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of watching this guy in action we highly recommend you do! His hypnotizing voice and exceptional song writing were a sparkling diamond amongst todays festival line up. A pleasure to watch!

Toy Horses – Main Stage – Reviewer: Adam Frost

Cardiff based band Toy Horses may epitomise the very essence of this festival, family. Adam Franklin and his step-dad Tom Williams brought their melodic indie sound to the crowd and did so fantastically. The audience had no issue getting into the blend of 60’s and Brit pop. Their sound seems to be born from the likes of The Beatles but with a refreshing and very welcome twist. ‘Play With What You Want‘ definitely stood out as a fan favourite and it’s not difficult to see why, poppy hooks aplenty.

If you haven’t listened to this band or, in particular seem them live we urge you to as soon as you get a chance.

Brother and Bones – Main Stage – Reviewer: Adam Frost

What can be said about this band? One thing for certain, we wouldn’t like to be the ones that have to follow them on stage. Hugely energetic and passionate, Brother and Bones offer something that’s very rare in this day and age. A band that take pride in absolutely everything that they do. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy without even battering an eyelid and keeping their attention for the entirety of their set. Lead singer Rich Thomas struck a remarkable chord with us in particular. The ability to convey pure, unadulterated emotion in your vocals is a talent that can be easily overlooked but not today.

We expect to see a lot more of these guys in the coming year.

Chick Rides Artist – Locally Grown Stage – Reviewer: Steph Knight

Owning perhaps the worlds most confusing band name, this Torquay grown five piece definitely know how to work a crowd. Surrounded in hay and cider they kick the hell out of their audience with their on stage crazyness! Lead vocalists Mark Lloyd and Luca Berardino could not be a better pair, smashing out each vocal performance through every track with ease.

So much energy radiates the stage as they perform with new track ‘To The 9’s’ definitely being the set favourite of the day. With a new album on the horizon and a year full of tours, expect to hear more from Chick Rides Artist. Get keen!

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