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Live Review: Itch- The King Tuts, Glasgow- 19/11/13

We headed down to the King Tuts in Glasgow to catch Itch and support on ‘The Kevin Says Tour’! Click here now to read about what we thought of the nights antics.

Band: Itch

Support: RDGLDGRN/The Hype Theory/Ghost Town

Venue: The King Tuts, Glasgow

Date: 19/11/13

Itch’s performance at Glasgow’s King Tuts was the singers first ever solo appearance on his first ever headline tour in the Scottish city, and to any of the uninformed attendees, this was not something that was apparent at all.

The Camden based singer was visiting town as the headline act for Warped Tours, ‘The Kevin Says Tour’, with support from Reston, Virginia’s hip- hop groove ball RDGLDGRN, Essex’s beacon for all things pop punk, The Hype Theory, and Hollywood’s Ghost Town.

The far than less impressive Hollywood export of Ghost Town,  kicked things off as the icy grey rain battered the pavements outside, sending people running off in all directions, which was very much the same atmosphere currently on display inside tonight’s venue. Were they lacked in basic musical talent they lacked in everything else. Their stage presence in terms of excited movement mirrored that of an orchestra and their electronic ear blitz mirrored that of a major computer spasm which an attempt to fix would just seem like an absurd waste of anybody’s time. A cluster of pre- pubescent teenage fan club girls provide us with the limited atmosphere during this dreary set of… well we’re not actually to sure what it was to be honest.

With the barrier now set depressingly low indeed for the rest of our night, The Hype Theory began, and now we had our attention grabbed.

Granted the room may not be very busy at all for their performance this evening, (blamed entirely on the same cluster of pre- pubescent girls now hovering around and indeed it appears over the merchandise table of tonight’s openers), but that does not matter one single bit.  In fact it almost works in The Hype Theory’s favor,  granting them  with a comfortably int emit  setting to win over the audience with their soothing pop punk melodies and hard hitting rock n’roll  licks.  It also grants front- woman Katy Richards with the perfect opportunity to put to practice that notorious crowd charm that she likes to use which could very well be the highlight of the night here.  A free t-shirt is handed out here, and smiles and dancing are present in their multitudes there.

What makes The Hype Theory’s set tonight that bit more tantalizing is the fact that they are not fazed by the small crowd number sin the slightest, a factor in a live performance which would render many performing artists into a state of boredom and misery, but for this Essex group, it is just more of a reason to perform to the best of their potential to win over everyone in the room.  Despite the odd negative which could be presented about the bands sound not quite being there yet, (but it’s bloody close), The Hype Theory can perform live.  And that’s for damn sure.

Next up, we have a band that needs little introductions.  Other than the fact that one of them is dressed in red and therefore goes by the name, Red, the other dresses from head to toe in gold, and goes quite rightly by the name, Gold, and the third, dresses much the same but in the color green, and so goes by the name, Green, respectively.  The group go by the name RDGLDGRN by the way.

A colorful boy-ency of well orchestrated hip- hop with that extra special ska groove and perfectly arranged backing vocals from Red and Gold, RDGLDGRN have put the biggest smile on our faces since we discovered that a band existed with the name RDGLDGRN.  They can play, and they can dance and the audience which has grown a little in its numbers, recognises this.  As they sure should.

The band end on their hit single, ‘Million Fans’, and for the first time ever hearing this track, it topped of this bands set in the manner that we needed.  A manner of spell- binding excellence which is going to drag us out to their next appearance on UK shores.

As we rested our legs by taking a seat in the venues lovely acute bar, situated below the venue hall, tonight’s headliner was setting up for his first headline show in the city, and just his second solo headline performance to date.

We headed up stairs in perfect time as the man of the night, Itch, stood centered on the stage, his band accompanying him, introducing himself to the crowd and then almost without warning, blasting into newly released single, ‘Homeless Romantic’.  The atmosphere is rowdy perfection from the start off, with his guitarist masked in a giant crying baby’s head, his drummer in a guy fawkes face mask, and backing vocalist/enthusiastic percussionist, masked in what looks like one creamy brown tight.

Itch takes us through all of his stand- out anthems, including ‘Best Shot’, ‘Diplomat’‘Spooky Kids’, and a warming and riveting spoken word performance. Before performing, ‘Like I’m Drugs’, the singer addresses the crowd by stating that this is the first tour he has ever done were he has been completely sober, leading to a short reminiscence of his earlier years of hard drug use and his exhilarating rock n’ roll party lifestyle while on the road, and living and performing in squats in his earlier life.  An appropriate delivery follows suite given the lyrical background of the song, with an aggravated intent felt even before each word leaps of the singers tongue into the air surrounding the audience.

The closing anthem of tonight’s show, is ‘London Is Burning’, which Itch reveals is an exact depiction in his eyes of the apparent downfall of his much loved place of birth.  Hard hitting percussion and a denting chorus give this song the ballsy transformation from record to stage that it deserves, and it provides a crushing end to a night, that for the most part was well worth being involved in.

Motivational speeches were made, peculiar urban dance moves were shared , and damn special music was played.  Not only was it an interesting mix of bands, but a bizarre mix of attendees as well, which is perhaps why this particular night felt so special to everyone involved, and while it may very well not have been the best night of the tour, it definitely gave Glasgow a continued name all of it’s own.


Reviewer: Alister Ross

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