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Live Review: Hatebreed – Brighton, Concorde 2 – 28/04/13

The US hardcore legends Hatebreed are back with a new album and started their UK tour in Brighton. Find out what we thought of their Brighton show here.

Band: Hatebreed
Support: Black Dogs, Demoraliser
Venue: Brighton, Concorde 2
Date: 28/04/13

It’s been so long since Hatebreed performed in the UK, that most would be forgiven for thinking they’d forgotten about us.  The perennial tour band, Hatebreed have made a tradition of epic tours and even more epic sets, performing without a set list and inspired only by the impulses of frontman Jamey Jasta‘s musings on what the pit before him wants and a fifty song list of tracks stuck to the drum stack that spans their entire career.

But before them, there’s support from two bands from Grimsby, continuing the recent trend of quality metal coming out of the North of England.  First up, Demoraliser and their raw force and punchy lyrics are a close match to the headliners which serves them well with the handful of people who’ve arrived early for tonight’s show.  Tracks like ‘Blood Meridian‘ and ‘Checkmate‘ go down well and go some way to putting Grimsby firmly on the watch list.

Following them, fellow Grimbarians Black Dogs have been causing quite a scene since impressing on Dan Carter’s Rock Show on Radio 1 recently.  Speaking to us in a recent interview which you can read here, the boys explained the honour at being able to support a band with the pedigree of Hatebreed, and they certainly make sure the steadily forming crowd know they’re here.  Blitzing through a short set including the most recent single ‘Savages‘, the sound is tight, powerful and relentless.  They rightly win over a few more people tonight and we’re sure to expect big things from them in the future.

Given that it’s been so many years since Hatebreed played in the UK, the band from Connecticut who’ve integrated so many different genres of metal into their work over the last ten years have a lot of material to get through.  As they start, an immediate circle pit opens, spanning the width of the venue and filling a third.  They tear into new single, ‘Honor Never Dies‘ from their latest album ‘The Divinity Of Purpose‘ before Jasta opens up to the audience for the first time; “We haven’t been here for some time now, so tell your friends who missed it, they’re an ass” he says confidently before showing respect to his support; “A lot of people say we should have American support, but I say support your local bands.” The band the burst into fan favourite ‘In Ashes They Shall Reap‘ followed by two tracks from the new album ‘Put It To The Torch‘ and ‘The Language‘.

It’s worth noting that the fifty or so people who have been kicking seven bells of crap out of each other in the pit never stop, only pausing to run in circles at Jasta’s orchestration.  The set covers a host of tracks from all the albums, twenty-five in total, and as Jasta shouts out what each track will be, there’s a roar from the crowd and hardly a pause from the rest of the band as they quickly remember the first few bars and seamlessly play in unison.  It’s a remarkable sight.

Despite being a Sunday, and having travelled back from Belgium’s Groezrock the night before, they give it their all and after ‘Live For This‘ from the 2003 album ‘The Rise Of Brutality‘, they’re ready to close the set.  It’s no surprise that despite not planning their setlist each night, these fans know what to expect and after closing with ‘Destroy Everything‘ and ‘I Will Be Heard‘ there’s no more tonight, and the pit finally closes as fans rush forward to grab a plectrum, a drum stick or a high five from the band who stick about for a full 5 minutes to say thanks and goodbye to everyone there.  Let’s hope it’s not another six years before we see them here again.


Reviewer: Chris Van Praag

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